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Former Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban Speaks on NIL

Recently retired coaching legend hints at NIL being a reason for his departure
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The college football landscape has changed to the point where coaches are deciding to retire or leave college football. NIL money has become the deciding factor for many student-athletes, playing a huge impact on recruiting.  

Former Alabama football head coach Nick Saban retired two months ago, a surprising decision that many weren't expecting.

Saban didn't give an exact reason for retiring but did hint at NIL deals being an issue in a recent interview with Chris Low of ESPN.

"I thought we could have a hell of a team next year, and then maybe 70 or 80 percent of the players you talk to, all they want to know is two things: What assurances do I have that I'm going to play because they're thinking about transferring, and how much are you going to pay me?"

Saban said he told himself that maybe the goals and aspirations are different and it's all about how much money players can make.

While it's understandable that coaches would get frustrated with having to put a dollar amount on every player, it's also important to add that these players deserve to make money.

Saban signed a new contract in 2022 that would've paid him $93.6 million for eight years. If he's making that much, why can't the players who pack the stadiums make a couple of dollars?

Old school coaches have shown frustration and others have changed with the times. It's unfortunate that Saban is out of football, but this is the new way and it's something coaches have to get used to.

Players are finally being compensated for what they do and there are no issues with that at all.