Inside Look at Alabama Football's New Locker Room: "We Feel Like We Have the Best in the Country"

Tyler Martin

On Wednesday afternoon, the University of Alabama gave fans an in-depth look at the football's team new locker rooms located at the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility. 

During the three and a half minute-clip, Jeff Springer, Associate Athletics Director for Equipment Operations, provided a breakdown of what is featured in every locker. 

"We worked with a great company, Hollman Lockers," Springer said. "Those guys have done an outstanding job taking our vision of what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go with this. We talked to the players and tried to talk to them and ask them, ‘What is important in a locker to you? What do you want out of a locker?’ And one of the things that they said was storage space.”

At every player's locker, there is a hanging rod and hooks to hang suits for travel, a lock box, where they can protect valuables, and ventilated drawers to store extra equipment and cleats. Each locker also has a top ventilated shelf where players can store their shoulder pads. 

Cell phone chargers and outlets are located inside the lock box. 

A zero-gravity recliner was put into each locker by Human Touch, that allows the players to kick back and relax before or after practice. Each space has a controlled lighting system. 

On the inside of each locker, each player has their name, outline of their home state, hometown, jersey number, and position listed. 

"We had really lofty goals for this with what we wanted to do and what we wanted out of it,” Springer said. “This turned out better than we could have expected, and we got something that the players really, really love. We feel like we have the best lockers in the country, and it’s going to be like that for years to come.”

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Christopher Walsh
Christopher Walsh


Bet the press box will be just like that as well.


The best there is & the best there ever will be, but I'm sure someone will mimick, just like Auburn has with lighting & the science center. Smh


Another great recruiting tool.

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