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Live Updates: Alabama Basketball at Georgia

Live stats, analysis and information as the Crimson Tide looks to increase its winning streak to three games by downing the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens, Ga.

After winning back-to-back games last week, Alabama basketball looks to continue its winning streak heading into this weekend's big matchup against No. 4 Baylor. However, the Georgia Bulldogs stand in the Crimson Tide's way.

Alabama enters the game as heavy favorites over Georgia, who is currently 0-6 in SEC play. While the game should serve as no more than a minor speed bump for the Crimson Tide, the team's inconsistent play over the past several weeks provides the potential for a lot of drama between it and one of the lesser team's this year in the SEC.

Follow along below for live updates, stats and information as Alabama basketball looks to increase its winning streak to three games. The game will be broadcast on SEC Network.

Second Half

  • Final: Georgia 82, Alabama 76
Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 7.41.38 PM
  • Ellis misses a three, and Georgia gets the rebound.
  • Another jump ball on the inbound, and it will be Alabama basketball with 12.8 seconds left.
  • With Georgia up 81-74, Ellis is fouled. At the line, he hits his free throw. 81-76 Georgia. On the Georgia inbound, a jump ball is called. Georgia timeout.
  • Etter finishes on a layup. On the opposite end, Alabama turns the ball over and is forced to foul.
  • Layup good by Ellis. 78-74 Georgia with 48 seconds left.
  • Cook heads to the line and hits both of his free throws. 78-72 Georgia with 59.3 left.
  • Rojas misses both of his free throws. It's still 76-72 Georgia.
  • Rojas steals the basketball and is fouled by Bridges. Bridges has fouled out of the game.
  • At the line, Rojas hits both of his free throws. 76-72 Georgia with just over a minute left.
  • Rojas is fouled on the way up by Bridges.
  • With 1:16 left in the game, Alabama calls a timeout. With Georgia in the double-bonus, time is running out for the Crimson Tide.
  • Davison picks up his third foul. Abdur-Rahim hits both of his free throws. 76-70 Georgia.
  • Shackelford turns the ball over for the fifth time tonight. Georgia basketball.
  • Ellis is called for his fourth personal. Bridges hits both of his free throws. 74-70 Georgia with 1:33 left in the game.
  • Jump ball, possession Alabama.
  • Layup good by Davison. 72-70 Georgia.
  • Abdur-Rahim hits both of his free throws after drawing a foul from Davison. 72-68 Georgia with 2:22 left to play.
  • Ellis is back in the game, but slips on the court and is slow to get up. He walks to the Alabama end. It looks like he will stay in the game.
  • Quinerly is called for his second personal. Cook steps up to the line and hits his first, but his second misses. However, Georgia gets the offensive board.
  • Bediako steps out of bounds and turns the ball over.
  • Jumper good by Cook.
  • Gurley gets a follow-up dunk, and Alabama has a 1-point lead.
  • Quinerly is called for a reaching foul. Abdur-Rahim heads to the free-throw line, and Georgia takes a 67-66 lead after he makes both.
  • The call stands. Alabama basketball.
  • The shot clock violation is under review. Media timeout.
  • Shot clock violation on Georgia. Over the course of the possession, Davison recorded two blocks. Alabama basketball.
  • Davison is called for his first foul. Abdur-Rahim was behind the three-point line, so he'll shoot three. He makes all three. 66-65 Alabama.
  • Jumper good by Gurley, and Alabama's lead is back out to three points. Gurley was fouled on the way up, and he makes the and-1. Four-point lead for the Crimson Tide.
  • Shackelford picks up his third personal. At the line, Wright hits both of his free throws. 63-62 Alabama with 5:50 left to play.
  • Layup good by McMillan.
  • Shackelford gets called for an offensive foul. Georgia basketball.
  • Shackelford heads to the line and hits his first, but misses his second. 63-58 Alabama.
  • Etter picks up his fourth personal. Abdur-Rahim follows it up with his first foul. Alabama is now in the bonus.
  • Miles is confirmed to be out for the rest of the game with a knee injury.
  • Ellis is headed to the locker room. After a quick look at the replay, it appears the he was hit in the face.
  • And now Ellis is grabbing his left knee. He's standing on the court and is being attended to by a trainer.
  • Shackelford buries a three. 62-58 Alabama with 8:28 left to play.
  • Britton Johnson is back in the game for Alabama.
  • Cook hits a layup, and the Bulldogs are back down by 1.
  • Jumper good by Davison. 59-56 Crimson Tide.
  • Quinerly hits his first three of the game. Baumann responds with a three for himself.
  • Cook is fouled on the layup by Rojas (2). At the line, Cook hits his free throw. 54-53 Alabama.
  • Wright turns the basketball over, and it will belong to the Crimson Tide after the break. Media timeout with 11:51 remaining.
  • Dunk good by Oquendo. 54-50 Alabama.
  • Miles appeared to grab his left knee when he went down. Holter and assistant coach Bryan Hodgson are taking him to the locker room.
  • Another layup by Ellis. 54-48 Crimson Tide. However, Miles is down with an injury. Alabama trainer Clarke Holter and Nate Oats are out on the court taking a look at him.
  • Jumper good by Ellis. 52-48 Alabama.
  • Quinerly gets called for a five-second violation. Georgia basketball.
  • Bridges gets called for his fourth foul. Georgia already has five this half.
  • Ellis steals the basketball, and passes it to Quinerly on the way down the court. Quinerly sets the ball up for Ellis, who delivers a monster dunk. 50-48 Alabama.
  • Cook picks up his second personal. Alabama to inbound.
  • Bediako blocks Oquendo on the layup, rebounded by Ellis.
  • Media timeout at the 15:35 mark. Alabama 48, Georgia 48.
  • Cook hits a three, and just like that we are tied at 48.
  • Bridges is fouled by Gurley on his way up, and the basket falls in. He makes his free throw.
  • Ellis hits a three-pointer at the shot-clock buzzer. 48-42 Alabama.
  • Bridges gets another layup. 45-42 Crimson Tide.
  • After what was a fast start for the Crimson Tide, Gurley commits an offensive foul to give the ball back to the Bulldogs.
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  • Bridges gets a layup for Georgia's first points of the second half. A quick short jumper by Oquendo makes it 45-40 Alabama.
  • Davison is fouled on the way up. At the line, he hits his first but misses his second.
  • Rojas draws a charge. Alabama basketball.
  • Ellis gets a defensive rebound to start the second half. Davison gets a layup on the offensive end. 44-36 Alabama.

Halftime Notes

  • Shackelford leads the Crimson Tide with 16 points, with Bediako coming in second with 8. Gurley and Rojas each have 6.
  • Bediako leads Alabama with six rebounds, with Shackelford's three being second.
  • While it was a slow start for the Crimson Tide, the defense began to catch up in the latter portions of the half. Alabama will need to increase its three-point defense in the second half, though, as Georgia is currently shooting 35 percent from beyond the arc.
  • Alabama's offense shot 54 percent from the floor and was 38 percent (6-of-16) from beyond the arc. Shackelford hit five of those three pointers, while Rojas hit the remaining one. The rest of the Crimson Tide roster is 0-10 from three-point land.

First Half

  • Halftime: Alabama 42, Georgia 36
Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 6.20.18 PM
  • Layup good by Gurley. Georgia calls a timeout with 4.7 seconds left. 42-36 Crimson Tide.
  • Bediako is charged with his third foul. McMillan makes both free throws. 40-36 Crimson Tide with 23.1 seconds left.
  • Layup good by Bediako. 40-34 Alabama.
  • Bediako steals the basketball, which results in Shackelford's fifth three of the night. 38-32 Alabama.
  • Shackelford makes a bad pass out of reach of any Alabama player. That's his second turnover.
  • Quinerly is called for a reaching foul, his first. McMillan goes 1-2 at the line.
  • Bediako is charged with his second personal of the night. McMillan misses both of his free throws, rebounded by Bediako, who also gets a dunk. 35-31 Alabama.
  • Final scheduled media timeout of the first half. The Crimson Tide has come back to take a 33-31 lead. Shackelford leads Alabama with 13 points, with Rojas coming in second with 6. Bediako lead the Crimson Tide with five rebounds, while Shackelford has second-most with three. Of the 10 Alabama players that have been on the court so far in this game, nine have at least one rebound. Rojas is the only Crimson Tide player with no rebounds so far.
  • McMillan hits a jumper for Georgia, but Rojas hits a corner three. 33-31 Alabama.
  • Shackelford drains his fourth three of the game. 30-29 Alabama.
  • Rojas tips in a basket for Georgia. Yes, that is written correctly. 29-27 Bulldogs.
  • A bad pass goes off the diving hands of Quinerly, and the ball rolls out of bounds. That is Alabama's seventh turnover of the first half.
  • Britton Johnson has entered the game for Alabama. He immediately draws a charge on the defensive end of the court.
  • Oquendo misses a three, rebounded by Shackelford. Ridgnal gets called for his first personal foul on the opposite end. Shackelford hits his first, but misses his second. Shackelford drains a three to tie the game at 27.
  • Darius Miles hits both of his free throws. 27-23 Bulldogs.
  • Bridges picks up his third personal foul, and Alabama is now in the bonus. Media timeout, and the Crimson Tide will shoot two free throws after the break.
  • Jaxon Etter hits his second three for Georgia. Alabama responds with a layup from Quinerly. 27-21 Georgia with seven minutes left in the first half.
  • Alabama now has four turnovers over the last 4:44. In the meantime, Georgia has scored 5 points. 24-19 Bulldogs.
  • Ellis steals the basketball, but then commits an offensive foul to turn the ball over once again.
  • A missed jumper by Ellis is brought in by Christian Wright of Georgia. Wright misses a three, rebounded by Gurley. Quinerly misses a three, rebounded by Abdur-Rahim.
  • Alabama and Georgia exchange threes. 19-17 Bulldogs.
  • An offensive foul by Rojas gives the ball right back to Georgia.
  • Media timeout with exactly 12:00 left in the first half. Alabama will have possession after the break.
  • Alabama's lead is immediately taken away thanks to a three by Jabri Abdur-Rahim.
  • Oquendo misses a three, rebounded by Shackelford. Gurley then misses a three, rebounded by Oquendo. Ridgnal three is no good, rebounded by J.D. Davison. Gurley makes a layup on the offensive end for Alabama, and the Crimson Tide has its first lead of the game. 14-13 Alabama.
  • Noah Gurley dunks the basketball for two. 13-12 Bulldogs.
  • Ridgnal hits a layup. 13-10 Georgia.
  • Ellis draws another foul. He misses his first free throw, but makes his second. 11-10 Bulldogs.
  • After the break, Shackelford is called for an offensive foul. Turnover.
  • At the under-16 media timeout, Alabama trails Georgia 11-9. Shackelford and Rojas are tied for the team-lead in points with 3 apiece. The Crimson Tide only has two rebounds, both belonging to Bediako.
  • A missed three pointer by Baumann is converted into a dunk by Dalen Ridgnal.
  • Keon Ellis is fouled on a layup attempt. At the line, he misses his first but hits his second. Game is now tied at 9 points apiece.
  • Jaden Shackelford hits his first three of the game. 9-8 Georgia.
  • Noah Baumann hits a three for Georgia. 9-5 Bulldogs.
  • Rojas is fouled on the way up as well, and the basket counts. Rojas heads to the free-throw line and hits one. 6-5 Bulldogs.
  • Braelen Bridges for Georgia injured his leg and is escorted back to the Bulldogs bench.
  • Oquendo is fouled on a layup, and the ball rolls in. The free throw is good. 6-2 Bulldogs.
  • Bediako was fouled on the way up. However, James Rojas is charged with a lane violation, turning the ball over.
  • Charles Bediako responds with a layup. 3-2 Bulldogs.
  • Kario Oquendo hits a three for Georgia.
  • Georgia controls the tip, and we are underway.


  • Alabama has announced its starters:

Game Preview

After dropping three straight games earlier this month, Alabama basketball appears to be back on track. The Crimson Tide is coming off its second straight win with a 86-76 victory over Missouri on Saturday. It will be looking to extend its recent run as it faces a Georgia team that has yet to record an SEC win this season.

Alabama (13-6, 4-3 in the SEC) will be heavy favorites as it travels to Georgia (5-14, 0-8) on Tuesday. The game will be vital for the Crimson Tide as it will need to keep its momentum going ahead of an upcoming three-game stretch against top-15 opponents No. 5 Baylor, No. 2 Auburn and No. 12 Kentucky.

Here's everything you need to know about Tuesday’s matchup between the Crimson Tide and Bulldogs.

How to Watch:

Who: Alabama at Georgia

When: 5:30. CT, Tuesday

Where: Stegeman Coliseum, Athens, Ga.

TV: SEC Network

Radio: Crimson Tide Sports Network with Chris Stewart (play-by-play), Bryan Passink (analyst) and Roger Hoover (sideline) on the call. The pregame show will begin one hour prior to tipoff.

Last time out, Alabama: The Crimson Tide recorded its second straight win with an 86-76 victory over Missouri inside Coleman Coliseum on Saturday. After falling behind by as many as 14 points, Alabama rallied back, avenging its 92-86 defeat to the Tigers earlier this season. Jaden Shackelford recorded 21 points and seven rebounds to lead Alabama. Crimson Tide walk-on Britton Johnson received some rare early minutes, providing some energy off the bench. He finished with 2 points and three offensive rebounds.

Last time out, Georgia: The Bulldogs lost their eighth straight game with an 83-66 defeat at South Carolina on Saturday to remain winless in SEC play. Braelen Bridges recorded a season-high 20 points on 8 of 11 shooting while pulling in five rebounds.

The series: Alabama has dominated the all-time series against Georgia, holding a 97-51 advantage. The Crimson Tide won the first matchup between the two programs with a 20-17 victory in Athens, Ga., on Feb. 6, 1922. Alabama won both of its matchups against Georgia last year, beating the Bulldogs 115-82 at home and 89-79 on the road. The Crimson Tide holds a four-game winning streak over the Bulldogs dating back to an 89-74 victory in Coleman Coliseum on Feb. 6, 2019.