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Alabama beats Chattanooga 61-52 to Get Fourth Straight Win

The Crimson Tide struggled for much of the game offensively, but were able to get out of it with a win.
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Alabama got their fourth straight win as they beat Chattanooga 61-52, while getting the absolute best from the opponents.

While Alabama went up five at the end of the first quarter, the rest of the game was close, and Chattanooga took the lead multiple times throughout the second half, but Alabama weathered the storm and got the win in the end. 

Jada Rice was a key player today for The Crimson Tide, leading the team in rebounds while putting up 12 points. She scored six of her 12 points in the fourth quarter, going three-of-three from the field and getting a couple of key baskets late.

With the win, Alabama moves to 6-2 on the year, with their next game against Southern Mississippi set to tipoff Sunday at 2 pm in Mississippi.

How it Happened:

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Fourth Quarter:

chattanooga first half
  • Final: Alabama wins 61-52. They got all they could handle from Chattanooga, but weather the storm to get the win.
  • JaMya Mingo-Young hit two free throws to grow the lead to nine. 61-52 Alabama with 30 seconds left.
  • Hannah Barber with a big three to make it 59-52 Alabama with 39 seconds left. Timeout taken by Chattanooga.
  • Timeout Alabama. 54-50 Crimson Tide lead with 1:38 left.
  • Megan Abrams makes a pair of free-throws to grow the Alabama lead to six. 54-48 with 1:55 left. 
  • Media Timeout with 4:51 left in the game. Alabama leads 50-45. Alabama shooting four-of-seven from the field in the quarter to build the lead.
  • 44-42 Alabama with 8:00 left in the game.  
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Third Quarter:

  • At the end of the quarter, Alabama leads 42-41. Back-and-fourth quarter as both teams have traded the lead. Once one team gets some momentum, the other takes it right back.
  • 38-37 Alabama with 3:12 left in the quarter. The Crimson Tide have started using their press more and it's resulted in a couple baskets. 
  • Media Timeout with 4:52 left. 31-31 game. Chattanooga's Yazz Wazeerud-Din leads all scorers with 17 points. Energy levels seem to be favoring Chattanooga here in the third, Alabama looks frustrated at times on offense.
  • Chattanooga ties the game up at 27 with 8:00 left 

Second Quarter:

chattanooga first half
  • At the half: Alabama leads 27-25. The Crimson Tide have shot 41 percent from the field and just three-of-thirteen from three. Big reason for the struggle is Chattanooga's defensive effort
  • 23-22 Chattanooga with 1:32 left. Alabama cannot play to their tempo right now, Chattanooga is doing a good job slowing things down and making Alabama settle
  • Timeout with 4:28 left in the half. 22-21 Alabama. Chattanooga took a brief lead but Brittany Davis hits a tough shot to give it right back to Alabama.
  • Brittany Davis with a tough layup, 20-15 Alabama with just under six minutes left
  • Sarah Ashlee Barker gets Alabama on the board first, Chattanooga responds. 18-13 with just over eight minutes left. 

First Quarter:

  • At the end of the first: Alabama leads 16-11. Brittany Davis leads Alabama with five points. 
  • Media Timeout with 4:46 left in the quarter. 10-7 Alabama 
  • Chattanooga gets on the board first, Alabama responds. 2-2 with 8:00 left 


  • Alabama starting five:
    • Sarah Ashlee Barker
    • Hannah Barber
    • Brittany Davis
    • Jada Rice
    • Aaliyah Nye