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Live Updates: No. 5 Alabama Football at Mississippi State

Live stats, information and analysis as the Crimson Tide looks to correct course against the Bulldogs in Starkville.

STARKVILLE, Miss. — Alabama football's road to recover begins Saturday evening in a small college town in Mississippi.

The No. 5 Crimson Tide has six games remaining on its schedule, starting with the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Heading into last Saturday, Alabama was undefeated and almost unanimously ranked the top team in the nation. Now, the Crimson Tide is 5-1 after falling at Texas A&M 41-38 and is looking to place its name back into the College Football Playoff conversation.

Follow along below for live updates, stats and analysis from Davis Wade Stadium as Alabama football takes on the Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Click here for drive breakdowns and stats from Fanalytix on the BamaCentral Forum.

Fourth Quarter

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  • Ball game. Alabama 42, MSU 9.
Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 9.32.12 PM
  • TURNOVER: Jordan Battle makes his second interception of the game. That makrs three picks for Rogers. 1st and 10 Alabama at its own 29.
  • Alabama scoring drive summary: 6 plays, 75 yards, 3:38 T.O.P.
  • Touchdown Alabama: Young's pass is complete to Holden for a 29-yard touchdown. Extra point by Reichard is good. Alabama 49, MSU 9.
  • Mississippi State punts, Alabama will take over at its own 20.
  • Young took a trip to the medical tent but has now exited. It appeared that the trainers were taking a look at his elbow.
  • Kickoff by Reichard travels into the end zone for a touchdown. 1st and 10 Mississippi State at its own 25.
  • Alabama scoring drive summary: 10 plays, 60 yards, 4:00 T.O.P.
  • Touchdown Alabama: On 2nd and 3, Robinson carries the ball up the middle for a touchdown. Extra point by Reichard is good. Alabama 42, MSU 9.
  • On 3rd and 10 at the MSU 13, Young scrambles out of the pocket and into the end zone on the near side for a touchdown. However, a video review showed that Young was out at the 1-yard line. 1st and Goal at the MSU 1 for Alabama.
  • After a rush for no yards, Robinson limps off to the sideline under his own power. He hasn't visited the medical tent, though.
  • Holden makes the reception on 3rd and 3 for a 22 yards. 1st and 10 Alabama at the MSU 13-yard line.

Third Quarter

  • End of the third quarter. Alabama 35, MSU 9.
Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 8.48.05 PM
  • Will Anderson has had seven sacks in seven games so far this season. Last year, Anderson totaled seven sacks through 13 games.
  • Mississippi State is forced to punt after back-to-back three-and-out drives. Alabama will take over on its own 40-yard line.
  • So far tonight, Young is 5-for-5 on third down with two touchdowns.
  • Alabama scoring drive summary: 7 plays, 84 yards, 2:26 T.O.P.
  • Touchdown Alabama: On 3rd and 6, Young completes a pass to Robinson for 51 yards and a touchdown. The extra point by Reichard is good. Alabama 35, MSU 9 with 3:24 to go in the third quarter.
  • On 3rd and 8, Young scrambles for 13 yards and a first down at the Alabama 45.
  • After the review, it was determined that Bolden did not complete the catch. Interesting call.
  • Bolden makes a leaping catch after Young bobbles the snap, gain of 20 yards on the play. However, the ruling on the field of a catch is now under review.
  • Earle fields the punt at the Alabama 16, and the Crimson Tide will take over there.
  • Anderson registers his fourth sack of the game for a loss of four yards. 4th down, and MSU will punt. Fun fact: the last Alabama players with four sacks in a game was Derrick Thomas against Kentucky in 1988.
  • Rogers is sacked by To'oTo'o for a loss of six yards. That makes Alabama's sixth sack of the evening.
  • 4th and 5 on its own 30, and Alabama is forced to punt. The Bulldogs will start their drive at their own 40.
  • Young is sacked for the second time tonight, this time a loss of 10 yards due to Aaron Brule storming the backfield. 2nd and 20.
  • Jameson Williams almost breaks free but it tripped up at the Alabama 45-yard line. However, a holding call moves the ball all the way back to the 14. 1st and 10 Crimson Tide.
  • Mississippi State scoring drive summary: 12 plays, 56 yards, 4:06 T.O.P.
  • Field Goal, Mississippi State: A 37-yard field goal attempt by Ruiz is good. Alabama 28, MSU 9 with 10:40 left to go in the third quarter.
  • Boos for Rogers echo around the stadium as he has thrown some questionable-at-best passes this drive. It is now 4th and Goal from the Alabama 19 after Rogers is called for intentional grounding.
  • A pass interference call on Jalyn Armour-Davis gives MSU a first down on the Alabama 39-yard line.
  • MSU will have the ball at its own 25-yard line following a touchback.
  • Alabama scoring drive summary: 1 play, 75 yards :14 T.O.P.
  • Touchdown Alabama: Williams, who was not targeted once in the first half, makes one catch and takes it 75 yards to the house. The extra point by Reichard is good. Alabama 28, MSU 6 with 14:46 left in the third quarter.
  • Williams opts to let the ball sail through the end zone. 1st and 10 Alabama at its own 25.
  • Alabama will receive the opening kickoff to start the second half. Jameson Williams back to receive.

Halftime Notes

  • At the end of the first 30 minutes, Alabama QB Young has completed 13-of-18 passes for 142 yards and a touchdown. On the ground, Robinson leads all Crimson Tide running backs with 57 yards and a touchdown off of 13 carries.
  • In the receiving corps, Metchie leads all Alabama receivers with five receptions for 97 yards and a touchdown. He is also averaging 19.4 yards per reception.
  • Rogers for Mississippi State had a solid first half, completing 19-of-31 passes for 192 yards. However, his two interceptions — including one pick-six — are a heavy contributing factor in the difference of this game.
  • On defense for Alabama, LB Henry To'oTo'o leads the team with eight tackles. Anderson leads the Crimson Tide with sacks with two. Battle and Jobe each have one interception.

Second Quarter

  • End of the second quarter. Alabama 21, MSU 6.
Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 7.41.59 PM
  • Robinson carries the ball 11 yards for a first down at the Alabama 45-yard line.
  • Timeout Alabama. There are :41 seconds left in the first half.
  • Brian Branch is headed to the locker room early with trainers after being slow to get up near the end of Alabama's last turn out on defense.
  • Mississippi State scoring drive summary: 9 plays, 56 yards, 2:16 T.O.P.
  • Field Goal, Mississippi State: A 37-yard field goal by MSU's Brandon Ruiz is good. Alabama 21, MSU 6 with :59 seconds left to go in the first half.
  • On 3rd and 6, Anderson registers his second sack of the game, a loss of nine yards on the play. Timeout MSU with 1:04 remaining in the first half. It will be 4th and 15 on the Alabama 19-yard line when the teams return.
  • Timeout Mississippi State with 1:15 remaining in the second quarter. Each team now has two remaining in the first half.
  • Another pass from Rogers, this time complete to Makai Polk for 20 yards.
  • Rogers pass complete to WR Heath Malik for 43 yards. 1st down MSU at the Alabama 44-yard line.
  • Mississippi State will starts its drive on its own 25-yard line. On the first offensive play for the Bulldogs, Rogers is called for intentional grounding. 2nd and 22 MSU at its own 14-yard line.
  • Metchie now has five receptions for 97 yards and a touchdown on the Crimson Tide's first four drives. He leads Alabama in both receptions and targets and is averaging 19.4 yards per reception.
  • Alabama scoring drive summary 16 plays, 93 yards, 7:17 T.O.P.
  • Touchdown Alabama: On 3rd and Goal at the 1-yard line, Robinson carries the ball and bursts over the goal line for a touchdown. Extra point by Reichard is good. Alabama 21, MSU 3.
  • Young's pass to WR Traeshon Holden complete for 19 yards to the MSU 7-yard line. 1st and goal Alabama.
  • Robinson is back in the game at running back and rushes for four yards on his first carry back in the game.
  • Roydell Williams catches the ball from Young and advances seven yards for a 1st down for Alabama at the MSU 43-yard line.
  • Roydell Williams has entered the game at running back and picks up two yards. 3rd and 4.
  • Robinson is pitched the ball and beats the corner for a 10-yard gain.
  • On 3rd and 8, Young completes another pass to Metchie for a gain of 19 yards and a first down. However, a flag at the end of the play is called on Williams for an illegal block in the back.
  • Young's pass is complete to Metchie for an 18-yard gain and a first down for the Crimson Tide at its own 24.
  • Young is flushed out of the pocket in the end zone and is hit on his way out of bounds. A flag is initially thrown, but it is later picked up after the officials take a look at the Jumbotron. No gain on the play.
  • MSU punts and the ball bounces out of bounds at the Alabama 7-yard line. 1st and 10 Crimson Tide with 10:32 left to play in the first half.
  • Anderson comes off the edge and around and forces Rogers to scramble forward. Anderson still tackles him from behind for a one-yard gain.
  • Mississippi State converts. 1st and 10 Bulldogs on their own 48-yard line.

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  • Former Alabama offensive lineman Scott Lashley, who transferred to MSU prior to the 2020 season, was just called for holding. On the play, another holding penalty was called, but Nick Saban elected to decline both. It is now 3rd and 11 for MSU at its own 36-yard line.

First Quarter

  • End of the first quarter. Alabama 14, MSU 3.
Screen Shot 2021-10-16 at 6.55.30 PM
  • Jameson Williams has yet to be targeted by Bryce Young through three drives for Alabama. Brian Robinson Jr. is also the only running back utilized by the Crimson Tide through its first three possessions.
  • Alabama fails to convert on third down and will have to punt. James Burnip pins the Bulldogs at their own 7-yard line. 1st and 10 MSU.
  • MSU backup quarterback Chance Lovertich is warming up on the sideline while Rogers is still in the medical tent.
  • After the punt, 1st and 10 Crimson Tide at its own 40-yard line.
  • Rogers is absolutely nailed by LB Christian Harris and DB Brian Branch and is sacked for a loss of another six yards. Rogers is shaken up and is taken to the medical tent. MSU is forced to punt.
  • Alabama DL Byron Young sacks Rogers for a loss of five yards. That is the Crimson Tide's first sack of the game.
  • The ensuing kickoff by Reichard sails through the end zone for a touchback. 1st and 10 Bulldogs from their own 25-yard line.
  • Rogers got popped at the goal line by Battle but picked himself back up and seems to be fine.
  • Touchdown Alabama: DB Jordan Battle picks off Rogers and returns the ball 40 yards with blockers in front of him for the score. The extra point by Reichard is good. Alabama 14, MSU 3.
  • Robinson has now exited the tent.
  • TE/OL Kendall Randolph entered the injury tent for Alabama. Following Randolph's exit, RB Brian Robinson Jr. has now entered.
  • Mississippi State will begin its drive on its own 15-yard line.
  • On 3rd and 9, Bryce Young has 10 yards of open field in front of him but hesitated just enough to be sacked by MSU's Nathaniel Watson. Alabama is forced to punt.
  • WR JoJo Earle is in the slot, while Bolden remains on the sideline.
  • On the kickoff return, Jameson Williams is taken down by the last man standing in between him and the end zone. 1st and 10 Crimson Tide on its own 45-yard line.
  • Through just over eight minutes into the game, Rogers is 8-of-15 for 68 yards and an interception. For Alabama, Young is 3-of-3 for 57 yards and a touchdown.
  • That marks the first points a Mike Leach-coached Mississippi State team has scored against Alabama. Last year during Leach's first season with the Bulldogs, the Crimson Tide blanked its opposition 41-0.
  • Mississippi State scoring drive summary: 12 plays, 49 yards, 3:42 T.O.P.
  • Field Goal, Mississippi State: On 3rd and 9, Rogers' pass call incomplete and the Bulldogs are forced to kick a field goal. The 44-yard kick is good. Alabama 7, Mississippi State 3.
  • Bolden is out of the medical tent and has put his helmet back on.
  • On the ensuing Mississippi State drive, the Bulldogs wide receivers drop back-to-back passes to make a 3rd and 10 situation at their own 49-yard line. Rogers then scrambles for 11 yards to pick up the first down.
  • Bolden has taken a trip to the medical tent after making a block that ensured Metchie's touchdown.
  • Alabama scoring drive summary: 6 plays, 65 yards, 2:22 taken off of the clock.
  • Touchdown Alabama: QB Bryce Young pass complete to WR John Metchie for a 46-yard strike. Metchie caught the ball about 10 yards down the field before escaping a tackled, and WR Slade Bolden blocked him all the way to the goal. Alabama 7, Mississippi State 0.
  • TURNOVER: Bulldogs quarterback Will Rogers' pass is intercepted by defensive back Josh Jobe, who returns the ball to his own 35-yard line. 1st and 10 Crimson Tide.
  • LB Will Anderson Jr. now has as many offsides calls as he does tackles (one apiece), and the Bulldogs advance five yards.
  • Three plays, two first downs for the Bulldogs. 1st and 10 for Mississippi State at its own 45-yard line.
  • LaBryan Ray is starting on the Crimson Tide defensive line.
  • Will Reichard kicks the ball through the end zone for a touchback, and we are underway here in Starkville. Mississippi State will start its drive on its own 25-yard line.
  • Alabama wins the toss and will defer to the second half. The Crimson Tide will kick to the Bulldogs just moments from now.


  • Alabama wide receiver Jameson Williams believes it's time to get up:
  • Taking a look at Alabama's depth chart before the game, and there are no noticeable changes. Notably, Drew Sanders is still listed as the starting Sam linebacker even though he has been announced as out for today's game. Sanders was also listed as the starter against Texas A&M despite not participating in the game.
  • Mississippi State players have now stepped onto the field sporting athletic shirts and shorts and are participating in stretches. Alabama has arrived to the stadium but is still in the visiting locker room.
  • Alabama special teams and quarterbacks have now stepped onto the field for warmups, including starting quarterback Bryce Young.
  • Fans are still filing into Davis Wade Stadium, but the student section is already about two-thirds full with over an hour until kickoff. The cowbells are out in full force as well, with every opportunity being taken to clang when stadium atmosphere quiets down.
  • Today's officials: Matt Loeffler (Referee); Stan Weihe (Umpire); Nicholas Theriot (Linesman); Michael Shirey (Line Judge); Tom Fimmen (Back Judge); Antonio Smith (Field Judge); Jesse Dupuy (Side Judge); Jason McArthur (Center Judge).
  • Current temperates are 63 degrees Fahrenheit with sunny skies and winds 7 mph due north.
  • Something to note during warmups: Alabama backup placekicker Jack Martin just hit a 56-yard field goal while warming up his leg during pregame.
  • Young, Braxton Barker and Jalen Milroe are all out on the field taking snaps. The wide receivers, tight ends and running backs have also started to run through easy drills.
  • Today's captains for the Crimson Tide: QB Bryce Young, LB Will Anderson Jr., DB Jordan Battle.
  • As the rest of the Crimson Tide joins the skill players, there appears to be no change in the starting offensive line from the depth chart. Interestingly enough, linebacker Demouy Kennedy and wide receiver Christian Leary are on the field warming up with the running backs.
  • WR Javon Baker appears to have not made the trip to Starkville, as he was absent from Alabama's pregame warmups.
  • Former Alabama offensive lineman Scott Lashley was announced as a starter for the Bulldogs.
  • And just like that, Alabama has receded off of the field as we are now just 15 minutes away from kickoff. Mississippi State follows soon afterwards.

Game Preview

Mississippi State had a bye last week, which makes you immediately wonder what head coach Mike Leach may have been up to.

Earlier this season he disclosed that he's already watched Outer Banks season 2, and he also has enjoyed the show Bloodline.

He probably turned on the Alabama at Texas A&M game at some point, but then turned it off when it became obvious the Crimson Tide was about to lose.

Nick Saban's efforts to get Alabama back in the title picture will begin at Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field on Saturday, which is probably bad news for the Bulldogs.

How to Watch

Who: Alabama at Mississippi State

When: 6 p.m. CT Saturday

Where: Davis Wade Stadium at Scott Field

TV: Fubo.TV (Start with a 7-day free trial) or ESPN

Opening line per SI Sportsbook: Alabama -17

Series: The Crimson Tide leads the all-time series, 85-17-3 (81-18-3 NCAA). Alabama won the last meeting in Starkville two years ago, 38-7.

Last time out: Coming off back-to-back losses of three points or less to LSU and Memphis, Mississippi State (3-2) edged Texas A&M 26-22, to knock the Aggies out of the AP Top 25 prior to facing Alabama. Sophomore quarterback Will Rogers completed 46 of his 59 passes for 408 yards and matched a career high with three touchdown throws. It marked Rogers' sixth career game with more than 300 yards through the air, a total that stands second in MSU history behind only Dak Prescott. Receiver Makai Polk caught 13 passes for 126 yards and two touchdowns.

This will be the 106th meeting between the programs, which geographically are the closest in the Southeastern Conference. Alabama has played more games against Mississippi State than any other opponent, and the series, which began in 1896, is the fifth-oldest in Crimson Tide history.

Alabama won last year's game, played on Saban's birthday, 41-0. DeVonta Smith had three of his four touchdowns receptions in the first half en route to tallying 203 receiving yards on 11 catches.

Mac Jones was 24-for-31 and 291 yards, and the four touchdown passes, and running back Najee Harris had 21 carries for 119 yards.

As a freshman, Rogers was 24-for-37 for 147 yards and two interceptions.

Saban is 18-1 in his career against MSU, including a 13-1 mark while at UA.

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Auburn at No. 17 Arkansas, 11 a.m. CBS/ESPN

No. 20 Florida at LSU, 11 a.m., ESPN

No. 21 Texas A&M at Missouri, 11 a.m., SEC Network

No. 11 Kentucky at No. 1 Georgia, 2:30 p.m., CBS

Vanderbilt at South Carolina, 3 p.m., SEC Network

No. 5 Alabama at Mississippi State, 6 p.m., ESPN

No. 13 Ole Miss at Tennessee, 6:30 p.m., SEC Network