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What the Alabama Players Said About Visiting The Swamp, and Escaping With a W

The Crimson Tide raced out to an early lead, scoring 21 points in the first quarter and held on to win its SEC opener.

Trying to get out of Gainesville before a thunderstorm hit, Alabama only made a couple of players available after Saturday's 31-29 victory over Florida (although in fairness, a technical error contributed to John Metchie III's interview session not happening). 

Here's what they said:

Bryce Young, Sophomore, Quarterback

On the broken clock in the fourth quarter:

“That’s really something we can’t control. That’s an external factor. That was just something we had to manage. We knew the situation – they were keeping the time on the field when the clock wasn’t working. It’s just another piece of adversity.” 

On the atmosphere of The Swamp… 

“Crazy atmosphere. Those fans were really loud. We knew it was going to be a hostile environment coming in, and it lived up to it for sure. Fans were super loud and there was a lot we had to deal with. This is a really, really good team. We just played in a really, really tough environment. It was tough, but I’m super proud of us as a team.” 

On Brian Robinson’s touchdown: 

"B-Rob has proved it countless times. Not just in games, but in practice and offseason. We have complete trust in our O-line and to get the yards we need to. I have complete trust in all my backs really. It’s really a product of the work that not everyone sees on Saturdays. In the offseason and during the week that’s how you build the trust with the players and coaches.” 

Jordan Battle, Junior, Defensive Back 

On what changed defensively as the game went on:

“Obviously, the crowd was a key component. We came out strong, like in the past few games we came out strong. We still have some things to learn. We have to learn how to finish, but overall, it was a great win.” 

On what was going on when the Gators were getting yardage at will in the second half: 

“They were just making some great calls. They were running the ball really well. We weren’t filling the gaps like we needed to fill. The quarterback was scrambling a little bit. Just staying in our lanes in the future. Preventing the quarterback to run and stopping the run in the interior and exterior.” 

On what it was like on the sideline watching the offense at the end of the game:

“It was a great experience. Obviously the stadium was very loud. The commentator said it was the fifth largest crowd in The Swamp. It was a great experience in The Swamp. Hearing the crowd and the crowd noise for the offense. Great win overall.”