Fantasy Football Draft or Pass: Mark Ingram II and JK Dobbins

Christopher Walsh

In 2019, Mark Ingram finished as the No. 8 running back in fantasy football. The Ravens rusher was one of seven backs with double digit rushing scores, he was second among all running backs with five receiving touchdowns, and one of 15 backs with over 1,000 yards on the ground.

But Ingram turns 31-years-old this season and despite his productivity, that’s basically senior citizen status for NFL running backs.

As a result, the Ravens selected J.K. Dobbins in the second round of the 2020 NFL Draft and when considering Ingram’s age and his contract coming to an end after the season, many believe Dobbins will be the Ravens back of the future.

But where does that leave both running backs for the 2020 season? That’s the question we asked RavenCountry’s Todd Karpovich and Sports Illustrated’s fantasy football analyst Frank Taddeo.

"They're ecstatic that J.K. Dobbins fell to them in the second round and they sort of view him as the running back of the future because Mark Ingram turns 31 in December and Gus Edwards is planning a one-year deal," Karpovich said. "However, John Harbaugh said J.K. Dobbins has the talent to move up the depth chart this season and they expect him to be a playmaker this year."

"We know he's got mileage on those legs now," Taddeo said about Ingram before turning his attention to Dobbins. "So if that's the possibility, we're looking at possibly a tremendous, tremendous value and steal for fantasy owners as we go into the fantasy football playoffs. For a player that obviously a lot of teams are gonna be looking to stash on their bench because maybe he doesn't get the role or maybe, you know, he gets only eight to 10 touches in the early months. 

"But then if there's a possibility of him becoming the starter due to injury in those later months ..."

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