Devils in the Details- Breakdown of Bobby Hurley and Ray Anderson Situation

Arizona States men's basketball coach Bobby Hurley and Athletic Director Ray Anderson in the middle of a heated email battle with regards to a booster and sexual assault.

Late Tuesday night, Peter Thamel of Yahoo Sports dropped a bomb about ASU Athletics regarding Men’s basketball coach Bobby Hurley and Athletic Director Ray Anderson. Thamel released email exchanges from December of 2019 between the coach and AD that suggest Ray Anderson didn’t handle correctly a donor that had sexually assaulted three women. In the email from Hurley to Anderson explains he feels Anderson, “disregarded the safety and shown no sensitivity towards the women that have experienced sexual assault … I feel like I’ve been lied to.” With the reference to Hurley feeling like he had been lied, to it’s because Anderson had assured Hurley that the specific donor would no longer be anywhere near the mens basketball team, but weeks later the donor was visibly seated at a game, enough to where the victims felt "unsafe" and were standing by security guards.

The booster accused of sexually assaulting these three women is Bart Wear a former ASU football player. Wear has since denied the allegations in a legal notice of his own, calling ASU’s investigation into the claims a “hatchet job” and “a character assassination.” He is seeking 5 million for damaging his reputation and making false accusations.

ASU did cancel Wears season tickets according to Thamel on December 10, 2019.

Publisher of, Hod Rabino who has a pulse on all things ASU basketball talked with me about the emails and the allegations saying “To my knowledge there never was a candid discussion between Bobby Hurley, Ray Anderson and ASU President Michael Crow” Hod went on to express what this might mean for Bobby Hurley continuing to coach at ASU.

“I never got any indication that Bobby was going to leave because of what happened with Ray Anderson. The proof is in the pudding … because he did successfully land 5 star Josh Christopher. You aren’t going through all this effort if you’re just going to pick up and leave and not even coach in the 2021 season.”