Boston College Tests 154 Football Staff And Athletes, 154 Negatives

A.J. Black

Boston College tested their football staff and athletes on Friday for COVID19, and according to the school all tests came back negative. According to a press release,  154 staff and athletes were tested during this administration. 

This is again positive news for the Eagles, who had one positive test out of 93 when they tested a smaller cohort in June. 

The next step for the Eagles is the beginning of pre-season camp, which will begin this Thursday. The precautions the team has put in place certainly has the program in a good spot. The biggest question mark has to be the return of other students. When thousands of new people come from all around the country/world, we shall see how that goes. Currently there are mostly only athletes on campus. 

This week the ACC released that their schools would be playing a 10+1 schedule, with a built in flexibility in case games need to be postponed. The current projected start date for the season is September 7-12. 

COVID19 has dominated the college football news circuit the past six months, and has increased as the season gets closer. Recently Indiana was cleared to start practices again, the PAC12 players began to demand safer conditions, and there are now rumors that the Power 5 conferences may break away from the NCAA. Make sure to stop by BC Bulletin for updates. 

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Great news go Eagles!


NCAA meets Tues. for call on Fall Championships.

If no blanket approval of all transfers or Jurk waiver since BC starts practice Thursday, then hopefully a status update on final decision process?

Clock should run out Wed. midnight, but alas, who knows?

Jurkovec transferred & Swarbrick made a call to NCAA & his trsfr was denied.

Swarbrick then yanked his Swofford leash, once again, & ND got into ACC schedule or it was shut out of American football.

BC is still waiting approval?

NCAA giving away waivers like Halloween candy!

BC has long history of high academics & grad rates & no NCAA violations, unlike Swofford’s UNC which just escaped 2 major scandals.

Ergo #FreeJurk

Kraft is on clock to make this waiver a done deal. BC’s Leadership & prestige is under a white hot spotlight.

Whether ND is blocking or not this waiver, PJ enrolled in Jan, excellent student & transfer & portal rules are always changing.

If denied, get a Federal Injunction & end this
NCAA arbitrary & capricious harmful behavior & actions.

Play PJ every game even if ineligible. BC was in ACC, ND got a gift!

If ND playing in ACC & for title, & (>IF!< possibly involved in Jurkovec tsfr delay?), then BC needs to step up w & get waiver.

If ND joins, & no waiver, BC should just hide on the porch with little dogs?

Where is SWOFFORD?