10 Teams Boston College Football Should Schedule in the Future

A look at some teams that Boston College should try and get on their schedule.
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Boston College has had a rich history of battling many teams from across the country. But what about those teams that BC either hasn't played, or need to get back on the schedule. Here are ten teams they should try and play in the near future.

Teams already on BC's future schedule: Kansas (2020), Purdue (2020), Missouri (2021/2024), Rutgers (2022), UConn (2022/2023), Notre Dame (2022/2025), Army (2023/2028), Michigan State (2024/2025), Cincinnati (2026/2027), Ohio State (2026/2027), Stanford (2028/2029)

10. Houston Cougars: A team with a history with the Eagles, but haven't played in recent memory. Doug Flutie famously beat them in the 1985 Cotton Bowl, but the two teams haven't faced off since. A very good G5 program that would probably draw well, Houston would be a solid team to schedule.

Series History: Boston College Leads 2-1

9. Texas Longhorns: Folks who know the history of these two schools, know the two teams have played in a big three game series. Texas dominated two of the matchups, but in one of the biggest games in BC history, the Eagles won in 1976. Texas is one of those big legendary programs that would get a lot of fans to Alumni, but not a program in any shape right now to be significantly better than the Eagles.

Series History: Texas Leads 2-1

8. Michigan Wolverines: For years the Wolverines have eaten Boston College's lunch on the recruiting trail. But this could turn into a much more even battle as both programs seem to be going in opposite directions. Boston College has never beaten the Wolverines

Series History: Michigan leads 4-0

7. UCF Knights: The last time the Eagles played the Knights it was a massacre, with Frank Spaziani's squad losing 30-3 in the first ever instance of the Red Bandana game in 2012. The Knights have been consistently one of the best G5 teams, and it would be a huge victory for Boston College to knock them off.

Series History: Tied 1-1

6. BYU Cougars: The two teams played a two game series in 2005 and 2006 with the second matchup becoming an instant classic. The Cougars are in similar shape to the Eagles, and this could be a fun battle between schools with different faiths. 

Series History: Boston College leads 2-1

5. Navy Midshipmen: Always been a fan of playing the service academies instead of a random MAC opponent. Navy and Boston College have a history, and would be a solid home and home to get on the schedule. They have played multiple times, but haven't been on the schedule since 2006.

Series History: Boston College leads 18-11

4. Wisconsin Badgers: The Badgers have always had a team profile that mirrored the Eagles. While Wisconsin has been more successful, they are big physical team on both sides of the ball, something BC usually tries to emulate. Getting these two programs together on the field could be a big physical game that could be enjoyable to watch. This would be a fresh new matchup as well as the two programs have never played each other.

Series History: 0-0

3. Penn State Nittany Lions: This series has been completely tilted towards Penn State who dominated most of their matchups during the Joe Paterno era. But if Boston College wants to stake their claim as an elite team in the northeast, they need to beat PSU, something they did twice before they left the Big East. The last game between the two was the infamous Pinstripe Bowl in 2014, that was lost on an extra point in overtime.

Series History:  PSU leads 20-4

2. Northwestern Wildcats: Two teams coached by two of the most well thought of young coaches in the country. This would be a battle of two defensive teams that could both be top 25 in the future. The two teams played a two game series in the mid 2010's, with the Wildcats winning both. But by the time this series got on the book, Boston College might be in better shape.

Series History: Northwestern Leads 4-1

1. UCLA Bruins: Another unique program that Boston College hasn't faced, UCLA has a few reasons that makes this an attractive matchup. First off, scheduling a home and home with the Bruins would be a great sell for all Eagles fans. Of course BC fans would want to see them at home, but many may want to make the trip out west to see the two play in a very attractive away environment. On top of that it would give west coast Eagles alumni a chance to see the team live, which as we saw with the USC game was very popular. Plus, now Boston College has the added bonus of Martin Jarmond leaving to become their AD. This seems like a slam dunk

Series History 0-0

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