Locked on Boston College: Spring Game Expectations

On our daily podcast today we look at some of the expectations heading into the spring game. What are fair things to look for and what are not.
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On today's Locked on Boston College, we are going to take another look at the upcoming spring game. We have talked about some of the players we hope to see more from in the game. But what are some aspects of the game will we expect to see out of this glorified scrimmage, and what won't we see? Hear our thoughts on the upcoming game. 

Also, we look at the news and talk about Spencer Knight's big premier with the Florida Panthers. We also talk about yet another disappointing baseball loss, who fell to URI in the Eagles midweek game. And per request we look at a few more recruiting and transfer tidbits.

Finally, after having to pull an audible midstream, we talk about tailgating foods in the final segment. With no spring game attendance, we look back fondly at the times when we could actually tailgate. What were some of our favorites to cook or enjoy? Hear our thoughts on the subject. 

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