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BYU DT Lorenzo Fauatea Out for the Season with an Injury

Fauatea, who has been out the last few months with an injury, is officially out for the season

Last month, BYU defensive lineman Lorenzo Fauatea signed a deal to join Cougs Daily, the BYU team website on the Sports Illustrated FanNation platform, for a weekly Q&A session that will run throughout the 2021 college football season.

Lorenzo Fauatea vs Navy

Lorenzo Fauatea (55) and Alden Tofa (57) in BYU's 2020 win over Navy

In the sixth edition of this series, Fauatea updated his injury status where he announced that he will miss the remainder of the season due to injury. Fauatea suffered an injury against Utah State and has been unable to play since.

Q: How ar your injury recovery progressing this week?

Lorenzo: I’m feeling good, sadly my season has come to an end and I've been holding that out for a while now. My main focus is to get a head start on getting healthy for next season and getting my body right for my senior year. 

Q: What were the defensive adjustments BYU made in the second half to shut out Georgia southern in the second half?

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Lorenzo: The defense came out the second half and stopped their run game. That was helping GSU in the first half with gaining points and winning the first and second downs. Stopping the run made them throw which forced turnovers. 

Q: How would you describe the mentality of the team heading into the season finale against USC?

Lorenzo: The mentality is finishing off the regular season with a bang! It’s just another game for us but the job is not done. We are capable of being one of the best teams to come through BYU. So we are trying to make a name for ourselves and finish the season strong. 

Q: Fans pay a lot of attention to the national polls. How much attention to the players pay attention to the rankings each week?

Lorenzo: Of course us players pay attention to it because it determines and shows our hard work that we put out there. Being able to try and get into a NY6 bowl is huge not only for us as players, but for the program. 

Q: While fans celebrate thanksgiving this week, the players will be preparing to play USC. What do the players do to celebrate thanksgiving?

Lorenzo: We practice on Thanksgiving first and then we try and enjoy the rest of the holiday. Our main focus is to prepare for the game and win the game. So therefore we are practicing on Thanksgiving and then we enjoy food with our families afterwards.