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Lorenzo Fauatea Outlines the Keys to Bouncing Back Against Baylor

The Cougars suffered their first loss of the season at the hands of Boise State on Saturday

PROVO, Utah. – BYU defensive lineman Lorenzo Fauatea has signed a deal to join Cougs Daily, the BYU team website on the Sports Illustrated FanNation platform, for a weekly Q&A session that will run on this site throughout the 2021 college football season.

The deal with Fauatea, a junior out of West Valley, Utah, is made possible by new NCAA legislation that allows student-athletes the opportunity to profit off of their name, image and likeness. The legislation went into effect on July 1, 2021.

Lorenzo Fauatea vs Navy

BYU defensive lineman Lorenzo Fauatea (55) and Alden Tofa (57) against Navy

This series with Fauatea will give BYU fans a unique look at the BYU football program from a player's perspective.

Cougs Daily: Unfortunately you were banged up and unable to play against Boise State. How hard was it being sidelined for this game?

Lorenzo Fauatea: Yeah I was banged up after the Utah State game. But it was hard not being out there with the team. I knew I could help them out, but just like any player sitting out of any game, it is hard to watch. Win or lose. But I will be back soon enough. 

Cougs Daily: How would you describe the morale of the team in the locker room following the first loss of the season?

Lorenzo Fauatea: Yeah it was different. The vibe was down and that’s expected after a loss. Just like any other game that I’ve lost in the past, it was just a humbling experience combined with disappointment and sadness. But we’ll be okay! 

Cougs Daily: In the second quarter against Boise State, the defense took the field deep in their own territory on consecutive possessions. What is the mentality of the defensive unit when they’re put in those sudden-change situations?

In those situations we are built and ready for it. Our mindset is that we have the offense's back and they have ours no matter what the mistake is. That is how we build trust in each other and not point fingers on whose fault it was. Our mindset is set on having their back's no matter how many mistakes they have. Same goes for us. 

Cougs Daily: What are they keys to bouncing back as you prepare for another talented opponent in Baylor?

Some key points I think are: 

  1. Winning the turnover margin
  2. Stopping the run
  3. Starting fast like we did the previous games
  4. Getting stops on third down

I think we will be able to win by having these points in mind. 

Cougs Daily: The game at Baylor will be only the second true road game of the season. Do you prefer home games or road games and why?

I used to prefer road games because of the atmosphere of being in enemy territory, I love that feeling. But recently this year playing at home is the best! I feel the crowd has been into the games more and they really give us the energy we need to play the game. Being able to feed off that energy is what college football is about.