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Lorenzo Fauatea Talks Injury Recovery, Stopping the Run, and Washington State

The second installment of five questions with BYU defensive tackle Lorenzo Fauatea

Last week, BYU defensive lineman Lorenzo Fauatea signed a deal to join Cougs Daily, the BYU team website on the Sports Illustrated FanNation platform, for a weekly Q&A session that will run on this site throughout the 2021 college football season.

Lorenzo Fauatea vs Wisconsin

In the second edition of this series, Fauatea updates his injury recovery, talks about stopping the run, and looks ahead to Washington State. Fauatea has missed the last two games due to injury.

Q: First and foremost, how are you feeling? How is the injury recovery going? 

I’m feeling really good, my recovery is coming along but it’s slow. All in all I’m getting healthier everyday, and I've been working my butt off with the trainers and strength staff everyday. I’ll be back soon enough Cougar Nation! 

Q: How would you describe the morale of the team following the loss to Baylor? 

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With the two losses there is a sense of urgency to change and fix things. The small and simple things that Kalani always emphasizes with us plays a big role in how we change our way of looking at this week. There’s a chip on everyone’s shoulders because knowing we should be 7-0 but we can’t change that, only our mistakes. It will be fun to watch my brothers come out on Saturday! 

Q: BYU struggled to stop the run against Baylor. From your perspective, what was it about Baylor's scheme or otherwise that made them so difficult to stop? 

Baylor did a good job with their blocking schemes and whatnot, but our game plan going into the game was great. We as players didn’t execute as we should and left plays on the field. As Tuiaki mentioned, we need to do our own jobs in order for the game plan to work. Assignment sound football. 

Q: What adjustments need to be made to more consistently stop the run? 

Being able to do your own 1/11 is the biggest indicator to stop the run. Basic football with technique and being again, assignment sound. 

Q: Washington State is a team that has improved over the last month. What stands out about their offense on film? 

Washington State is a good team and they’re coming off of a couple wins in a row. They’re hot and moving the ball. It will be a good and competitive game this week. Their offensive line stands out to me, because they are a spread team and being able to protect their quarterback, who is a good passer, is a big positive for them. It will be a big challenge for the defensive line this week, but of course I know my guys will show up.