Video: BYU Football Target Carsen Ryan on BYU's Implementation of the Tight End

Casey Lundquist

Carsen Ryan is a 2022 Tight End out of Timpview High School class. He was recently rated a 4-star recruit by 247 Sports and already has offers from programs all over the country. With so many options on the table, one of the biggest factors in Ryan’s decision process is how each program utilizes Tight Ends.

You can watch the first part of my interview with Carsen Ryan here.

When asked about the ideal offensive system for his playing style, Ryan said, “I get a lot of George Kittle comparisons and I think that’s a good comparison. I like to block and get physical and stuff. I also like to catch the ball and score touchdowns and run routes and all that. I think I want a program that would use me for blocking as well as catching and running and have more of a balanced tight end set. There’s a lot of 12 personnel and 11 personnel with two tight ends, one tight end. Whatever the program sees is best for me, whatever they think will work, I’ll go along with it, but that’s how I like to be used as a tight end”.

Ryan says he’s impressed with BYU and the way they use their Tight Ends. He says BYU has “been a big tight end school for a little while and I’ve liked that about them. I’ve talked a lot with Coach Grimes and Coach Clark and they’ve talked to me a lot about how they use tight ends and how they plan to use me. I like it a lot, I like how they use tight ends for passing a lot and still blocking. They use 1 or 2 tight ends sometimes 3 a lot on the field…. I really like how they use tight ends over at BYU”. 

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He interviewed like he was a three year college starter! I feel sorry for those high school kids the next two years in the backfield that have to try and tackle this guy!

Max Clark
Max Clark


Carsen has offers from top programs nationwide, he'd be a really exciting signing for the cougs!