Bryan Bresee Talks Earliest Memories Of Tigers, What Drew Him To Clemson


The power of the Paw has never been stronger than it is right now. 

Dabo Swinney has taken the Clemson brand to unprecedented heights in his time as head coach at Clemson, and the program is currently reaping the rewards out on the recruiting trail. 

The Tigers signed their best recruiting class yet in 2020, and one of the crown jewels of that class is none other than big defensive tackle Bryan Bresee. 

Coming out of Maryland, Bresee was very familiar with ACC football, including Clemson. There was always something about the defensive linemen that have come through the program that has really stood out to him.

"When I was young, just watched highlight tapes of William Perry," Bresee said on Tuesday. "Just looking back on those days, like watching somebody that big play football was pretty amazing to me when I was young. And then, just a couple years ago when they had Christian Wilkins, Dexter Lawrence, Austin Bryant, and Clelin Ferrell, watching those guys play together and just having so much fun out here, definitely made me super, super interested in Clemson."

When it came to his recruitment, Clemson was always on the radar for Bresee. However, once he actually got on campus for a visit, that is when things all started to come together. 

He got to experience the culture inside the program up close and personal, and it was then that he knew Clemson is where he belonged. 

"After I came my first time I knew, you just know, Bresee said. "Everything was set up here. Just felt like coaches really cared about their players, which I see to be true now. It seems like everyone had your back."

Bresee always knew he wanted to play for coaches who shared his passion for the game, and at Clemson that is exactly what he has found. 

"Coach Bates and Coach Venables were just people that I wanted to play for," Bresee said. "Like, just seeing them and how passionate they are about their job, it was awesome to see. I think that's really what kind of made Clemson jump out to the front. To see how passionate everybody is here."

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