Booth Boosts Confidence With Key Interception

Clemson sophomore defensive back Andrew Booth Jr. has come a long way from this time last season and is becoming the player the Tigers had hoped for

Clemson cornerback Andrew Booth Jr. has had quite the bumpy ride in the last calendar year. However, all of his setbacks and struggles in year one are beginning to pay dividends in year two. 

Nearly one year removed from the incident in Louisville in which he threw a punch at Trenell Troutman leading to a long bus ride back to Clemson, Booth was turning heads once again Saturday but for good reason. 

With Virginia trailing 24-10 and threatening inside the Tigers' red zone, Booth climbed the ladder for a one-handed interception as he was falling backward to thwart a promising Virginia drive to begin the second half. 

"It was tremendous (for my confidence)," Booth said. " That's just one thing I've been battling with and trying to keep my confidence up. It's been a battle of me versus me and that was definitely a confidence booster. I really needed that." 

Booth said the key to that play was being in the right position at the right moment adding that he tried to box out the 6-7, 210-pound Lavel Davis Jr. in the end zone.

His interception Saturday night was perhaps an indication of what is to come from the talented defender after an impressive fall camp, according to his teammates and coaches. He also added three solo tackles in the game.

Clemson DC Brent Venables applauded his cornerback's big play that kept Virginia from pulling within a single score in the third quarter. He thinks it is huge for Booth's confidence. 

"He had an incredible interception," Venables said. "It's huge and first of all, it was big in the game. Anytime you start to have success, that will start to build your confidence and gets you a little more engaged and excited. And certainly, it develops the trust of the coaches, your teammate, and things of that nature."