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Tad Boyle said in March that Colorado would be an NCAA Tournament team next year. At the time I thought that sounded like the typical thing a coach would say when his team was in the NIT, and it certainly is that. 

But now I'm starting to think Colorado might actually be on the verge of turning some kind of corner. 

For one thing, Boyle and CU are very much in the mix for four-star shooting guard Jaylen Clark. Being in the mix and making the deal are two different things, but Boyle seems to be in the mix with players like this a lot these days. 

For another, former Buff Derrick White is having a big year as a professional basketball player. He was huge in the NBA Playoffs, and now he's playing on the U.S. National Team. Obviously, that's not going to help CU get into the NCAA Tournament this year, but it does raise the profile of Colorado basketball for high school players whose focus is on making it to the NBA. 

And for yet another, the 23 wins last year were the most in five years, but not the most of Boyle's CU career. He won 24 each of his first two years and had CU in the tournament in 2012, 2013 and 2014. 

That all doesn't add up to much, but there is a bit of a swirl of good things happening around CU basketball these days. If it all comes together, Boyle might finally have a machine churning in Boulder.