WATCH: Arlington Hambright Gets the Call from Chicago Bears

Chase Howell

There is just something about those phone calls during NFL Draft weekend. 

Something about them always brings out the emotions. These young men have dreamed about this moment their whole life and have obviously worked incredibly hard to get there.

So to watch them get the phone call of their dreams, makes the allergies begin to act up.

Forever Buff Arlington Hambright got the call in the seventh round on Saturday from Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy and his very good boy Tuddy.

Hambright: Hello?

Nagy: Arlington!

Hambright: Hey, how you doing?

Nagy: Coach Nagy with the Bears, how are you?

Hambright: I'm doing good, Coach.

Nagy: Good, good, good man. Hey we're excited to tell you your name is popping up here, we're getting ready to pick you.

Hambright: Yessir! I appreciate you!

Nagy: Heck yeah man! We can't wait.

Hambright: Yessir!

Nagy: How's your day going? Good?

Hambright: I'm fired up. It's going good. 

Nagy: Better now, isn't it?

Hambright: Yeah!

Nagy: Awesome, awesome. Well we're going to have some coaches call you. Coach Castillo's going to call you here in a little bit and Ryan Pace our general manager. But just wanted to let you know your name is going to pop up here. 

Hambright: Alright Coach, appreciate you!

Nagy: Absolutely, we can't wait. 

Hambright: Yessir!

Nagy: Alright we'll take later. See you bud. 

No matter how awkward they can get at times. They are still so beautiful. It has to be tough for these guys to come up with words at a moment like that.