CU athletic department announces staff changes

Chase Howell

Rick George had some big-time shoes to fill in his athletic department with the departure of Ben Broussard and the retirement of Ceal Barry. 

They not only had to fill the two vacant positions but also fill the roles that they left behind. 

"When Ceal Barry announced her retirement on May 19, George was faced with filling several roles she occupied on an administrative level for the last 15 years," the release read. 

One of Barry's roles was the deputy athletic director where she oversaw all nine sports supervisors. 

That role will be filled by Kris Livingston, who will continue with her job in the academic department of athletics and will now oversee the sports supervisors. Livingston has been on staff for over 20 years. 

George named Jason DePaepe to deputy athletic director. He will continue to oversee gameday operations and human resources. Depaepe has also been on staff for over 20 years. 

Jill Keegan, the athletic director of compliance, will take over Barry's role as the Senior Woman Administrator. 

“Kris, Jason and Jill have combined for over 50 years invested in CU, and all have an abundance of experience, not only in their assigned areas, but really across the board in collegiate athletics,” George said in the release. “Ceal meant a lot, not only to this department but to the university, but I am confident in these three moving forward and maintaining the legacy she created. They are vital roles in the holistic experience we desire for our student-athletes.”

Lance Gerlach will move from his current role as associate athletic director and chief revenue officer in the department to take over Broussard's role as assistant vice chancellor for advancement and associate athletic director. Gerlach had been overseeing the Buff Club since Broussard's departure and will now fully take over that position.

And they hired Alexis Williams to become the senior associate athletic director for external operations and diversity and inclusion officer. Williams spent the last year and a half at Houston before returning to CU where she worked for almost four years. 




Chase Howell