Deion Sanders throws support behind police with strong message

Coach Prime says he's "forever grateful" for the role of law enforcement
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In an era where criticizing the police has become a mainstream trend, Deion Sanders stands out by vocally supporting law enforcement. It's an understatement to say that police officers are currently under immense scrutiny.

Across social media and various platforms, there is a significant faction of the population that seems to relish in disparaging the police. The push to defund police departments has gained traction, further exacerbating the difficulties faced by those in uniform and the job being more demanding than it is today.

Many feel abandoned by both leadership. The prevailing narrative in many circles does little to inspire confidence or trust in the system that officers are sworn to protect and serve. This backdrop of skepticism and criticism makes Sanders' stance particularly noteworthy. He has not only refrained from joining the chorus of critics but has also actively expressed his appreciation for the police.

Coach Prime's recent actions underscore this support vividly. The Boulder Police department's decision to allow cowboy hats as part of their uniform is a gesture that aligns with Sanders' trademark style. This decision was met with Sanders' enthusiastic approval. In a tweet, Sanders expressed his gratitude for the police department's support of his team, highlighting their commitment to doing what is right. He even offered to provide cowboy hats for the entire CU Boulder police department, a symbolic gesture of respect.

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Sanders' actions reflect a broader message of appreciation for those who serve and protect, even in the face of widespread criticism. His willingness to publicly support the police at a time when it is far from popular demonstrates a commendable level of integrity and loyalty. By championing this cause, Sanders not only boosts the morale of those officers but also sets an example of leadership and gratitude for his players and the community.

Sanders and the Buffaloes will be the first team up on day two at Big 12 Football Media Days in Las Vegas.

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