Recruits Brenden Rice, Chad Johnson, Jr. Get Into It On Twitter

Tully Corcoran

Brenden Rice is a wide receiver from Chandler, Ariz., who is committed to Colorado. Chad Johnson, Jr. is a wide receiver from Los Angeles who is committed to Arizona State. 

On Wednesday night, these two got into it on Twitter. The bulk of the exchange was ordinary trash talk between a couple of teen boys, but in the middle of it Johnson said something interesting. 

This was one of the themes of the argument. Johnson kept banging away at Rice for choosing Colorado. First he said Rice simply "went to the wrong college," then upped it by saying Arizona State actually didn't want Rice. And not only that, but that's the situation with all of Colorado's recruits -- they're at Colorado because somebody else didn't take them. 

I suppose in the broadest of senses, that's true. It's true for most schools. Unless you're from the state of Colorado, it probably wasn't your dream school. Meaning, technically, you went to CU because the school you really wanted to go do didn't want you. 

So maybe that actually is the case with Rice, who, as noted, is from Arizona and quite possibly did want to go to ASU and quite possibly was told that wouldn't be happening. 

But then if that's the case, what is Johnson upset about? Why is he saying Rice "picked the wrong school" if, in fact, it was not his choice not to go to Arizona State?

Could it be that the son of that Chad Johnson had a lot to say without really thinking it through?

Only one thing is certain: These kids are enemies.