Kyrie Irving Gets Support From Former NBA Player


Former Blue Devil Kyrie Irving spoke out against the NBA’s plan to return to the floor, expressing concern on a call with dozens of other players that it would take away from efforts to achieve social justice for minorities.

As the NBA continues to move toward a late July return, Irving received support from former NBA player Royce White.

In an open letter to Irving published on, White said, “The spirit of your intuition is shining through.”

White told Irving, “First and foremost, I want to say thank you for your courage. I’ve watched in admiration as your willingness to challenge the status quo has mounted. I consider you a brother. We are comrades on the periphery, in a world that is overflowing with centrists. You have rightfully questioned the validity and competence of the system, its leadership and its motivation. For that, you have been placed in age-old crosshairs, being attacked from both sides. They want to say you don’t have enough education to lead. They want to say you don’t have a plan. But you are not alone, and for that reason the plan they so callously call for doesn’t have to be yours alone either. The plan is all of ours. The plan comes from the cumulative experience and knowledge of the people and their will to move this society in a better direction. We are behind you and with you.”

In an interview with SI, White said, “I think Kyrie Irving’s intuition is right in this situation.”

White suggested several changes in his letter, then urged of Irving, “You can use your position for this type of opportunity and change.”