Duke Scoring List: Virginia Tech


Wendell Moore (12 points, 72 total) moved up nine spots to 285 passing Jay Bryan, Doug Ausbon, Walt Poplin, Alex Murphy, Tony Barone, Don Cashman.

Joey Baker (2 points, 61 total) moved up one spot, passing Stuart McKaig into 295.

Jordan Goldwire (10 points, 93 total) moved up five spots to 268 passing Bill Jackman, John Engberg, Tom Connelly, Ray Kuhlmeier, Stoop Minor. Goldwire also broke a tie with Jayson Tatum on the assists list and moved into a tie for 104 with Lance Thomas. He also moved up two spots on the 3-pointers list to 82, breaking a tie with Elliot Williams, David Henderson and Brian Davis, and passing Justin Robinson and Josh McRoberts.

Matthew Hurt (8 points, 105 total) moved up five spots to 262 passing Harry Giles, Cassius Stanley, Chase Jeter, George Wendt and tying Jack Boyd.

Vernon Carey Jr. (12 points, 185 total) moved up five spots to 229 passing Ken Podger, Don Tobin, Lefty Driesell, Alex O’Connell’s dad Dave and tying Scott Goetsch.

Jack White (7 points, 221 total) moved up four spots to 216 passing Allen Williams, CB Claiborne, Bill McCahan and tying Bob O’Mara.

Tre Jones (15 points, 494 total) moved up five spots to 135 and did some big time passing. He moved past Cam Reddish, Jayson Tatum, Justise Winslow, Ed Swindell and Cedric Loftis. Jones also moved into a tie with Chip Engelland for 57 on the 3-pointers list.

Javin DeLaurier didn’t move up the scoring list, but he did move into a tie for 80 on he rebounding list with Rick Katherman.

Alex O’Connell didn’t move up the scoring list, but he did break a tie with Austin Rivers and move into a tie with Dahntay Jones for 47 on the 3-pointers list.