Tre Jones After NC State: We Deserved What Happened Tonight


Duke was routed by NC State on Wednesday, traveling to Raleigh and trailing wire-to-wire in an 88-66 loss.

Sophomore point guard Tre Jones said that the Blue Devils weren’t ready to play.

“I think just our focus, our hunger,” Jones said. “We didn’t have the same level of intensity coming out tonight before the game and everything, and it showed right away. Their crowd got behind them and they kept going.”

Duke is obviously a very young team, but Jones wasn’t willing to use that an excuse. “You can say that, but we’ve played in a lot of games now,” he said. “So we’ve got to come out ready. No more excuses this deep into the season. We’ve got to put this behind us but learn from it and not do it anymore.”

Duke struggled early in the ACC season but seemed to be on a roll with a seven-game losing streak before hitting the NC State buzzsaw.

“You definitely think that a little bit,” Jones said, “but obviously, it’s possible at any time with how we were playing, the level of focus we have. It comes down to all of us being more prepared, being more ready for the start of the game, being hungrier. When some of us aren’t ready, we’ve got to get on each other rather than just letting it keep going. It’s on all of us to pick it up.”

“I mean we deserved what happened tonight,” he continued. “We didn’t play like ourselves at all. We’re just going to have to learn from it. It’s something we can learn from for sure. It’s not going to break us, not going to define us.”