Which Duke Lineups Were Most Productive Against Coppin State?

The more freshmen on the floor, the better Duke did
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Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski used 16 different lineups in the Blue Devils’ season-opening win over Coppin State. Only three of them merited a second look.

Coach K returned to the starting lineup—Joey Baker, Jordan Goldwire, Matthew Hurt, Jalen Johnson and Wendell Moore—with about nine minutes remaining in the first half. He didn’t use those five players together again.

The other two linups used more than once both featured three freshmen: Goldwire, Hurt, Johnson, Jeremy Roach and DJ Steward was used twice midway through the first half. Hurt, Johnson, Moore, Roach and Steward was used three times in the second half, including the final 2:18 of the game.

Those three lineups combined for more than 15 minutes of playing time and were three of the four lineup combinations that received the most playing time in the opener. Here’s a look at the playing time for the 16 combinations used.

duke pt

Two of those lineups—the two Coach K resorted to as the game went on, and not the starters, were the two most productive that Duke saw in the game.

Hurt-Johnson-Moore-Roach-Steward outscored Coppin State 16-5, for a game-high lineup plus/minus of +11. Goldwire-Hurt-Johnson-Roach-Steward had a 10-2 edge for +8.

Those were the only two lineups to score double-digit points and had plus/minuses double that of any other player combinations.

duke pm

The starters were far down the list at -2, getting outscored 10-8 by Coppin State. The second-half starters, which replaced Baker with Steward, was outscored 14-6 for a game-worst -8.

In general, the more freshmen on the floor, the better Duke did.

One freshman: -2

Two: -12

Three: +19

Four: +5