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Georgia's Midseason Defensive Grade Report

A midseason grade report for Georgia's defense seven games into the season.

Georgia came into the season as the reigning national champs and now they sit with the No. 1 ranking halfway through the season. The Bulldogs have hit some bumps in the road but for the most part, they have looked like a top football team.

Collectively, Georgia has been getting it done on both sides of the ball. The offense has put up good numbers thus far and the defense holds top spots nationally in several statistical categories. So how has each defensive position graded out halfway through the season? 

Defensive Line: A 

The defensive line has performed well this season. Opponents are averaging 83.4 rushing yards per game which is fifth best in the nation while only averaging 3.3 yards per carry. Georgia is also the only team in college football to only have given up one rushing touchdown at this point in the season. They may not be producing a high number of sacks but they're getting pressure on the quarterbacks which is causing them to have to get the ball out faster. 

Georgia has also been without Jalen Carter for the past few games, but other guys have stepped up during his absence. The Bulldog's defensive line in totality has been getting after and has produced good results this season. 

Linebackers: A+

It seems like no matter how many guys Georgia loses at the linebacker position they never miss a beat. Jamon Dumas-Johnson has done an excellent job leading that group and the entire defense. They've been creating havoc in the backfield, have shown great gap discipline and do a great job rallying to the football, as they always have at Georgia. 

Glenn Schumann does an impeccable job developing players every single year at the linebacker spot and this year has been no different. The Bulldogs have another great group at that position. They came into this season inexperienced but they haven't been playing like it. Even when a starter like Smale Mondon goes down with an injury, Rian Davis has filled in for him and picked up right where they left off. Georgia has another special group on its hands. 

Secondary: A+

Georgia's secondary has been phenomenal this season. They are currently eighth in the nation in passing yards allowed and rank first amongst all SEC in that stat category. Guys have been flying around and making plays. Whether it's the veteran Christopher Smith creating turnovers or even true freshman Malaki Starks playing like he's been playing SEC football for the last three years, the secondary has been doing it all. Cornerbacks Kelee Ringo and Kamari Lassiter have both pieced together a solid season so far as well. 

When a team has guys like Kirby Smart, Will Muschamp and Fran Brown all on the same staff, it's safe to say the secondary is going to be really good, and that's been the case for the Bulldogs this season. They tackle well, they force turnovers and they are disciplined. Georgia's secondary is littered with talent this season and as the season progresses they're only going to get better. 

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