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The History Between Georgia vs Florida

A look at the long line of history between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Florida Gators.

There is a long line of history between Georgia and Florida. A rivalry filled with hate, all-time classic games and at a neutral site stadium that is split right down the line with half Georgia fans and half Florida fans. It doesn't get much better than that in college football.  

To give an idea about how much these two schools dislike one another, they can't even agree on the total number of games that have been played in the series. According to Georgia, there have been 100 total games played while a Gator would say there have only been 99. Nonetheless, Georgia leads the overall series regardless, with a record of 54-44-2 against the Gators. 

This series dates all the way back to 1904 when the Bulldogs started off the rivalry by winning seven straight games, and they set the trend for this rivalry. Since the very beginning, this series has been all about streaks, especially since the 1970s. Georgia would rattle off a six-game win streak only for Florida to follow up with their own streak of wins. It's what has kept this series so tight. 

All the way up until the 90s, Georgia had Florida's number. During those ten years, Georgia won just a single game, and Florida took the rest. Even during the 2000s, Florida has been the more dominant team. From 2000-2016, won twelve of the matchups during that time span. After 2016, the tides took a shift. And that tide's name is Kirby Smart. 

Since Smart's arrival at Georgia, the Bulldogs have won four of the last six games and in dominating fashion. In those four wins, Georgia has won by an average of 22 points with their largest victory coming in 2017 when they steamrolled the Gators for a 42-7 victory. It was also Smart's first win against Florida as a head coach.

This state-border rivalry has also produced some of the most memorable moments for the Georgia fan base. In 1980, one of the greatest moments in Georgia football history occurred when the legendary radio voice Larry Munson cried "Run Lindsay, run" as Lindsay Scott took a pass from Buck Belue 93-yards for a touchdown to help the Dawgs win the game. 

In 2007, former head coach Mark Richt orchestrated one of the greatest touchdown celebrations in football history when the entire team danced in the end zone after Knowshon Moreno broke the plane and got in the end zone. 

Five years later, Aaron Murray threw to Malcolm Mitchell and watched his wide receiver bounce off several Florida defenders and score a 45-yard touchdown to extend Georgia's lead to eight points. On the very next drive with Florida knocking on the door, linebacker Jarvis Jones tracked down the Florida ball carrier, punched the ball out into the zone and the Bulldogs recovered to seal the game. 

It's an SEC divisional rivalry that has created one of the greatest environments in all of college football with two fan bases that absolutely despise one another. 

Georgia is a current 22-point favorite this year and it would be the largest point spread in the series' history if that number stands. With that in mind, Georgia appears to be in good shape to continue its recent dominance against the Gators and once again punch their ticket for a full year of bragging rights yet again. 

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