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Life, as we know it here in America and around the world, has changed in the past month or so. Things so familiar to us, such as gathering with friends and family, going to shops and restaurants, and yes, our beloved sports have been interrupted. Notably, college football was not able to hold spring practices, but that is not stopping Georgia 2020 early enrollee and quarterback Carson Beck from training with a purpose.

Carson Beck, a Jacksonville, Florida native, is doing everything in his power to overcome the loss of valuable repetitions he would have obtained during the Bulldogs' spring sessions. In doing so, Beck is working with his longtime quarterback trainer and the owner of 6 Points Jacksonville, Denny Thompson. 6 Points is a training organization that is the preferred facility of some of the most talented quarterbacks in the country and the Bulldog Maven on caught up with Coach Denny Thompson to discuss the progress, mindset, and potential of Beck.

"I've been training quarterbacks for a long time and Carson is as talented as I've ever seen," said Thompson of the incoming Georgia freshman. "I started working with Carson when he was in 9th or 10th grade and he has just continued to work and grow and I'm extremely proud of him as a player and a person," Thompson continued.

Thompson's declaration as Carson being as talented as he has ever seen is impressive. It's even more impressive when you take into account that he is also currently training Mac Jones (Alabama), Joey Gatewood (Kentucky), Anthony Richardson (Flordia), Jeff Sims (Georgia Tech), and a host of other college quarterbacks and some of the stars of tomorrow as well. "We had some guys, like Joey Gatewood, Anthony Richardson, and Jeff Sims who are athletic freaks and could be Heisman caliber type guys one day, but Carson is just different," continued Thompson.

When talking to Denny Thompson it is apparent that he cares for his players and the young men he trains. However, he's not describing Carson Beck through rose-colored glasses. There are quarterbacks that he trains that have unbelievable physical skills, but not necessarily the aptitude for the game that Beck has. It's obvious that Thompson believes that Beck is the real deal and has something special, beyond his build and his throwing ability. Thompson stated, "Carson has every intangible that you could ever want in a quarterback. God made Carson to be a quarterback. If I'm going to build a QB in today's game, it's going to look a lot like Carson Beck. Not only is Carson an elite athlete, but his greatest asset is in between his ears."

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QB, Carson Beck

In terms of the mental aspect of the game, and also some of the circumstances surrounding their recruitment, Carson Beck has a lot in common with Jake Fromm. Both Fromm and Beck were at one time committed to Alabama before deciding to come to Georgia. Both entered into UGA knowing that competition would be there and welcoming that competition. Carson and Jake both are described as "tireless workers" and "gym rats" and both play the game with something to prove.

When describing how Carson has been reacting to much of the college football community overlooking him since the signing of graduate transfer Jamie Newman and the commitment of 2021 quarterback Brock Vandagriff, Thompson replied, "It's unspoken, it's not like we sit down talk about that stuff, but we are training with a chip on our shoulder. The reality is, that people have forgotten that Carson transferred into a new school, for him, in 8-A Florida football his Junior year and took a team from 2 - 8 the year before, to win a State Championship and then taking them back to the playoffs his senior year after losing close to 20 starters."

It's been well documented that adversity does not bother Beck. Many people have maligned his statistical drop off in his senior season without realizing the gains he made as a leader and as a quarterback due to a drop in talent and experience around him. Sound familiar? People are anointing quarterback in the class behind him before he even has a chance to compete and establish himself at Georgia. Sound familiar?

Fromm and Beck

Denny Thompson shared what Carson's approach and mentality to this entire process are. "Of course, the goal, as it should be for anybody, is to start day one. But, the bigger goal and the bigger picture is to leave Georgia as a Georgia legend. Carson doesn't talk about getting overlooked, he doesn't talk about people he's competing with, what he and I do talk about is winning championships. Getting the chance to come in and be a part of something that hasn't happened since 1980 is one of the things that really brought Carson there," shared Beck's longtime trainer.

6 Points Jacksonville is adapting like all of us are during the COVID-19 mitigation efforts. Despite all their group sessions being shutdown, Thompson and his team have developed an online platform that will continue to allow quarterbacks like Carson sharpen themselves mentally at the very least, should it come down to that. Beck has been able to discuss with other SEC and ACC quarterbacks things like coverage versus different concepts and how to make adjustments. Thompson said that recently, despite all the craziness that's taken place, "I've gotten a lot better." Thompson and Beck aren't making any guarantees or trying to rock the boat in any way, but the 6 Point Owner did conclude that, "at the end of all of this, I'll be shocked if Carson Beck is not just absolutely revered and loved by the Georgia football community for what he'll do in Athens."

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