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ESPN Analyst: How to Fix College Football

How would you go about “fixing” college football?

It seems like the state of college football is a controversial one these days, it will garner many different reactions from fans and analysts around the world, some may think it needs fixing, others may like it the way it currently stands. When it comes to the term “fixing” in the college football world it is often associated with the College Football Playoffs. 

But that is not all that needs fixing, the current nature of the NCAA Transfer Portal is spiraling out of control. Under the current rules, any player can transfer out of their program and immediate eligibility to go play elsewhere, even if they transfer to another school in-conference of their past school, creating college football’s rendition of free agency. 

This has led to rosters being influx essentially 365 days a year. Two signing windows, a variety of recruiting windows, a football season, daily activity in the portal. It's become entirely too much for most programs and coaching staffs to handle. So, how do you "fix" college football? 

Well, if it were up to ESPN’s Peter Burns, what would he do to “fix” college football. 

Obviously trying to fix the transfer portal and moving signing day is near the top of the list. Both are subjects which from the outside look to be very mainstream and something all can agree on. Whether or not the coaches would agree to it, is yet to be seen? Will coaches like Alabama’s Nick Saban, Georgia’s Kirby Smart, Ohio State’s Ryan Day, give up an advantage on the trail? 

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The free agency nature of the sport is beginning to worry coaches like Nick Saban and Kirby Smart, both of whom expressed concerns when asked about the subject in the lead-up to the national championship game. 

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