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Kirby Smart Hints at Super Teams Coming to College Football

Georgia Football head coach Kirby Smart is no stranger to the portal. He talked Monday about how it could create "super teams" in college football.

Georgia Football coach Kirby Smart is no stranger to the NCAA Transfer Portal. He's both been the beneficiary of the portal and seen mass exodus over the last several years via the portal. 

It's had adverse effects on Smart's Georgia roster. He's seen position groups like the defensive backfield see key departures like Tyrique Stevenson to Miami and Major Burns to LSU, while in the same offseason land a starting cornerback in Derion Kendrick and a former All-American Tykee Smith. 

The Portal has been filled with ups and downs for the Bulldogs, but according to Kirby Smart, we may just only be beginning with the impact it will have on college football. 

I think it's too early to tell how it may impact, I think you're always gonna have a resource to patch holes, who patches holes the best? Do we start getting, you know, super teams were all guys want to go to a certain place, it would be my estimation. And I've been wrong before. 

The idea of player mobility and freedom creating super teams is not exactly foreign to American sports. Particularly in the NBA. The moment player freedom became a realistic possibility, super teams became being assembled all across the league. And it was all based on the notion that players want to play with their friends. 

Though Smart was quick to throw water on the fire that is Portal craze. Saying that it's nice to patch up holes in your roster, but you'd better avoid making it the priority key to your roster construction. 

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The more you rely on those patches into a quick fix, the more trouble you can get yourself in. If you're not building it from the ground up, and you're not developing players, and you're not keeping your players within your organization, you're going to struggle. But the flip side of that is the better you are in your organization. Sometimes the longer it takes a young player to play. And so the more transient, the more quickly they want to leave. So I think the culture within your program is so important that the older players embrace the younger players and grow them up so that they become leaders. Because if you rely on the transfer portal, you know you're not always going to have the built-in culture and belief of your organization because guys will be in it for the first time that year.

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