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While the line has changed some since it's release, The Georgia Bulldogs, are favored to win Saturday in Jacksonville over The Florida Gators, and rightfully so. 

Vegas seems to believe what many others do not and they can't stop talking about it. I hear those media pundits loud and clear. The loss to South Carolina has sent them in a downward spiral in regards to the Bulldogs. I love it, the underdog role makes victory taste that much sweeter. 

However, they're avoiding the facts. Watching highlights of 50 games every Saturday doesn't make you an expert. It also can make for very unreliable reporting. Based on the tone of their voices it must be safe to say Georgia should rank below Florida in the SEC stylistic categories that matter.

Numbers don't lie 

With the Offense supposedly being the spotlight of Georgia's shortcomings I'll start there.  

Georgia ranks 3rd in the SEC in total yards trailing only Alabama and LSU, with over 471 yards per game. Florida falls far from that mark. In fact, the Gators trail both Ole Miss and Missouri in total yards. In points per game, things do not change very much. The Dawgs once again end up right behind LSU and Alabama with a 36.0 per game average while Florida still comes up short limping in behind Texas A&M and the output the Auburn Tigers led by a true freshman. Thus further proves that even if UGA hasn't performed to the offensive standard that many have set, they have certainly outperformed an "offensive" coached Florida team.  

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On the defensive side of the ball Georgia is running away from the pack. The Bulldogs lead the SEC in points allowed per game giving up a measly 10.6 per game. That isn't the only defensive category they lead. Total yards per game and rushing yard per game are also secured by Georgia. In fact, The Bulldogs lead Florida in every major defensive team category. Points per game, passing yards per game, rushing yards per game, and total yards per game.  

Jonathan Ledbetter pressure UF QB Feleipe Franks 

Jonathan Ledbetter pressure UF QB Feleipe Franks 

It must be the players  

Maybe Florida has better players? That could be what the mainstream sports media is latching on to. We could always dive in to see where Florida stands in regards to overall talent. Recruiting ranks are available for the view of fans and media alike. I touched on it in depth here. Georgia once again shows its superiority landing 18 5-star commitments while Florida has failed to reel in any. That's right, zero. Another myth busted. Their lone 5-star on the roster currently is a guy by the name of Brenton Cox Jr. I'm sure you remember him.  

I'm not here to tell anyone this game will be easy. It won't be. With the season on the line, this will be Kirby's biggest test. A test against our biggest rival and a test against himself. These are the games that will force a young coach to get better. I expect Coach Smart and company to do what any Dawg would do when backed into a corner. Attack.  

Enjoy Hate week and as always, Go Dawgs!