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A Look Back at Hysterical Hot Takes From Kirby Smart's Hiring at Georgia

Woof, there were some pretty strong opinions about the hiring of Kirby Smart back in 2015 from Alabama, and we bring you some of the best hot takes.

Opinions are great. We all have them, and occasionally they are heard. 

Though sometimes, particularly when provided hindsight, those opinions can appear incredibly wrong. So wrong in fact, that they become funny or in the case of today's examples of horrible hot takes, they can become hysterical. 

Kirby Smart was hired to be the head coach at the University of Georgia back in December of 2015. After having spent almost a decade under the tutelage of Nick Saban, it was finally Smart's turn to make a run at being a head coach, and he chose to do so at his Alm ora Mater. 

Needless to say, there were some takes and opinions thrown around. 

The replies to Mr. Fowler's tweet are rather comical like this one, which says he may be ready, but he won't be Mark Richt. 

I guess JonBfromTN wasn't all that wrong? Smart hasn't exactly been a Mark Richt that's averaged 9 or 10 wins a season. He's actually averaged 11 wins per season, 11.8 over the last five. 

Don't worry, we are just getting started with the hot takery. The common theme back in December of 2015 was that Georgia needed to go out and hire the hottest young offensive assistant, not the defensive assistant that bowed at the knee of the almighty Nick Saban. 

Tom Herman, who went on to a 50-32 record before being fired at the end of the 2020 season, was the candidate most wanted at Georgia. 

Or this one, this one says it should have been either Herman or Dan Mullen. 

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Dan Wolken now of USAToday called the hiring of Kirby Smart "Gross mismanagement" 

"You're Georgia... you're a top 10, maybe top 5 in the country, and you're going to run this coaching search like the freaking Letterman's Club? And just immediately go to Kirby Smart without throwing it out there to some of the biggest names in the country? You're now the best job available. I think that would be gross mismanagement and a small-time mentality by Georgia to fire Mark Richt and go immediately to Kirby Smart, who's greatest qualification for the job is that he's a Georgia guy? Give me a break." 

That was Wolken on the Paul Finebaum show back in November of 2015. 

Loud wrong. 

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