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Gameplan: How Georgia Will Stop Alabama

Georgia is set to take on the Alabama Crimson Tide on Saturday. We give you the gameplan for stopping the tide.

Georgia's defense has been historically great this season. They are allowing a mere 6.9 points per game through the regular season, the lowest in program history to this point in a season. 

Their dominance is the primary reason for the 6.5 point spread being in favor of the undefeated Georgia Bulldogs. 

Though, Saturday they have possibly their toughest test to date, facing an Alabama offense that is averaging 42.7 points per game this season — 5th in the FBS. 

So, as Heisman hopeful quarterback Bryce Young and a plethora of wide receivers get set to take on this Georgia defense, we give you the game plan. 

Keep Williams and Metchie in Front

If there's one thing we've learned about this Georgia defense this season, it's that you won't have multiple sustained drives. If you are going to score in bundles, you have to do it explosively. Tennessee showed you could get behind this Georgia defensive backfield, but the Volunteers failed to connect on multiple deep routes early in the game. Jameson Williams and John Metchie certainly have the ability to get open, especially if Georgia defensive back Chris Smith is limited with a knee injury. 

The matchup in the slot, with Jameson Williams is particularly of note. If Alabama is going to score with the frequency they need to, it’s via an explosive passing attack.

Attack the Right Side

This one is no secret, nor does it take a defensive savant to identify. Alabama has been a turnstile at the right tackle position. The best to way make sure John Metchie and Jameson Williams aren't running amuck in your secondary is to ensure Bryce Young is on the ground or at least being pressured. Alabama's left tackle, Evan Neal, is a potential first young NFL Draft pick, but 12 games in they don't have a solidified answer at right tackle. Georgia will hunt this matchup for four quarters. 

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Contain Bryce Young

Bryce Young is not your traditional scrambler, he's not running around looking to make plays with his legs, he's looking to extend them. Georgia fans will recall LSU quarterback Joe Burrow extending plays and taking shots downfield in this very game back in 2019. Young has the same capability. If Georgia is going to limit his ability to maintain an explosive passing attack, they are going to have to contain Young within the pocket as much as possible. 

Alabama will make themselves one-dimensional pretty early in this football game considering their running back situation. Being down to one running back, with an offensive line that has struggled to run the ball effectively to close the season, this game is in the hands of Bryce Young. 

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