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Stetson Bennett Discusses Saturday's Matchup Against Alabama

The SEC Championship game is just days away from being played and Georgia's starting quarterback, Stetson Bennett, sat down to talk about his team's matchup with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Starting Georgia quarterback, Stetson Bennett, joined 680 The Fan's the Buck Belue show Tuesday and discussed the next matchup that awaits him and his team, the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC Championship game. 

One of the first questions posed to the Georgia quarterback was the challenges that Alabama's defense displays on the field. Stetson had a lot of good things to say about the Crimson Tide's defense and the threat they possess on the field. 

"How well-coached they are in the execution part, how well they disguise what they are going to do. You think it's going to be something else and then play something completely different especially on third downs. The types of players they recruit and how good they are. Physical, fast, quick. They're exactly what you want when you want to put together a football team."

There are a lot of things that can make a quarterback's job easier when facing a defense as talented as Alabama's and one of them is having a really good offensive coordinator leading the charge. Todd Monken has done a tremendous job with managing Georgia's offense this season, and Bennett made it clear that a lot of their success falls on coach Monken. 

"He's an excellent strategist. He knows this team and the roster in and out. He uses our strengths and tries to avoid our weaknesses which every coach should do. He tailors the gameplan to what we need to win the game and doesn't try to force what he thinks is best on the players he adapts to his players and to the opponent that we are going to have this week."

Stetson has been a prime example this season of how Monken adapts to his players and creates a game plan surrounded around their strengths. Throughout the entire season, since Stetson became the starter, Monken has called plays that get Bennett moving outside of the pocket, using his legs, and helping create passing windows to make finding receivers in the open field easier on Stetson. 

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The Georgia quarterback also went on to discuss how his teammates have done a great job this season in helping him out and highlighted a specific play from Saturday's game against Georgia Tech. As he flashed back to the 77-yard touchdown pass he threw to Brock Bowers in the second quarter, Bennett followed that up by saying after the touchdown he ran over to coach Kirby Smart and said "Dude is a freak" and the head ball coach agreed by replying with, "A freak!!".

In order to beat a team like Alabama it is going to take guys like Stetson Bennett and Brock Bowers to execute the gameplan that an offensive guru like Todd Monken comes up with, and if Saturday goes anything like the rest of the regular season has they will be in good shape to secure an SEC Championship. 

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