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What Would a Win on Saturday Mean for Georgia?

Although the outcome of Saturday's matchup against the Alabama Crimson Tide is unlikely to affect Georgia's playoff hopes there is still quite a bit to gain from a victory for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Since head coach Kirby Smart's arrival in Athens, the cross-division matchup between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Alabama Crimson Tide has become one of the most anticipated and hopeful matchups every season. The mentor vs the apprentice, student vs teacher, the Legend vs the up-and-coming. This matchup has it all and hardly ever disappoints.

The two teams are set to matchup for the fourth time in five years and Georgia has yet to come out on top in any of those matchups, but if there was ever a time for Kirby Smart and his team to finally take out the reigning national champions, 2021 would be a great year to do it. 

The Bulldogs were able to navigate their way through the regular season unscathed while Nick Saban's squad dropped one on the road against the Texas A&M Aggies earlier in the year. As a result of both of those events, Georgia is now essentially a lock for the college football playoff while Nick Saban and his team are in a win-or-go-home mode heading into the matchup in Atlanta. 

So what does a win Georgia mean for the future? Well aside from claiming their 2nd conference title in six years, defeating the Tide would more than likely end Alabama's hopes at making the playoff, barring any chaos that could break loose to open the door for a two-loss Bama team to sneak into the playoff. 

It is hard enough to try and beat a Nick Saban-led team once in a season, so being able to avoid a possible second matchup in the span of two months would certainly increase Georgia's odds significantly in the playoff. 

A win on Saturday would also result in Georgia going into the playoff as the number one seed which gives Georgia the privilege to select where their semi-final matchup is played to prevent a possible "road environment" from occurring at the bowl game. Though that's never seemingly an option for a Georgia fanbase that travels better than 99% of college football.

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Another massive advantage that Kirby Smart and Georgia would like to have in their back pocket, especially with how well Georgia fans travel to games outside of Athens. 

In short, making your path to the national championship easier is always a plus, and an SEC Championship for Georgia would certainly clear some possible bumps on the road to a national championship. 

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