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What Nick Saban Said About Deion Sanders Flipping Travis Hunter to Jackson State

Bama's head coach Nick Saban comments on Deion Sanders landing the nation's No. 1 recruit Travis Hunter on national signing day.

The University of Alabama's head coach Nick Saban and Deion Sanders are Aflac spokesmen and have produced several commercials for the insurance company. Reporters quizzed the reigning National Champion head coach on Deion Sanders and Jackson State, landing the nation's No. 1 recruit, Travis Hunter, on national signing day.

On Wednesday afternoon, Coach Saban responded to the beat reporters' questions.

“I have a lot of respect for Deion Sanders … and I enjoy doing commercials with him,” Saban said. He didn’t want to comment further on the big score Sanders landed," tweeted reporter Michael Casagrande.

Saban shared another opinion on Sanders snagging Turner from Florida State and Georgia, "He got a great player. That's great for their program. I'm happy for him that he got a great player," reported Ashlee Woods.

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