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Watch: UAPB's HC Doc Gamble and LT Mark Evans, Post-Game Interviews

Exclusive interview from Ralph Cooper with University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff's head coach Doc Gamble, and my chat with NFL prospect LT Mark Evans II.

Exclusive interview from Ralph Cooper with University of Arkansas-Pine Bluff's head coach Doc Gamble, and my chat with NFL prospect LT Mark Evans II.

After the Arkansas-Pine Bluff had a devastating 59-17 loss to Texas Southern University, head coach Doc Gamble canceled his press conferences with local media.

Ralph Cooper, Houston's longtime sports journalist and broadcaster, tracked down Coach Gamble for an exclusive one-on-one interview.


Cooper: Your thoughts on what happened here this afternoon here in Houston with your football team?

Gamble: We didn't play very well; that's what happened?

Cooper: What are your thoughts on the Texas Southern team?

Gamble: Improved football team. We knew that coming in. The quarterback played well. They have some good running backs. They're playing better on defense. So, it showed today.

Cooper: Who do you have next?

Gamble: We play Grambling next.

Cooper: What happened to your team this season from the Spring to the Fall?

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Gamble: Anytime you championship teams you gotta learn how to sustain it. That's what we got to grow from. 30 new dudes, trying to merge them in, and those guys are playing right now. So we got to get them up to speed. They're playing because of the guys who played in the Spring, a lot of those guys are injured. So we have to play with a new cast, and cast the guys, were not able to overcome some of those mistakes that they're making they're correcting them getting corrected, but then a mistake happens, but we got a ways to go.

Cooper continued the interview by asking about the loss of coaches on Gamble's staff. Coach Gamble explained that one of the coaches, Kenton Evans, decided he wanted a promotion and accepted the offensive coordinator's position at Mississippi Valley State University.

Also, another coach left the program, but he believes UAPB replaced them with "pretty damn good coaches as well."

Cooper concluded the interview by asking, "What does it mean to you to be coaching in the SWAC?"

"It's a great. It's a great opportunity." He went on to say, "this is the SEC of HBCU football; this is the highest level of HBCU football in this fun conference. You know, it was a challenging conference now, weekend a week out, so you got to be able to bring it every week. That's what I like. That's what I liked about it, and my staff like about it," said Gamble.


After the game, I met with the Golden Lions' left tackle Mark Evans for a one-on-one interview on the playing field. Evans signed a NIL to become one of Denny's All-Pancakers. Houston's CE King High School product is considered an NFL draft prospect at either guard or tackle. I wanted to get his thoughts on the contest and what's next for 'Mark Evans,' the player and young man.

Evans mentioned he has a few postseason bowl invitations, and he will sit down with his family to "try and make the best decision that's right for me and my career."

Football fans must keep their eyes on Evans. His football life after UAPB, I believe we will see this young man playing on Sunday afternoons in the NFL.