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Twitter Poll: If There Are No Restrictions to Attend Indiana Games, Will You Go?

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we still don't know what it's going to happen with fans in the stands for Indiana football and basketball games this year, so we're going to Twitter to get your opinions.
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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Do I stay or do I go?

That's the big question these days as we wait to see what's going on with college football and basketball in the coming school years. We're in mid-June now and we still don't have any answers.

We are just now starting to emerge out of our three-month COVID-19 hibernation, and people are starting to safely get out and about again. Big crowds are still frowned upon though, and we have no idea when that is going to change.

So we're going to Twitter to gauge some fan perspective on what might happen come September with Indiana football and in November when the Hoosiers' basketball team returns to Simon Skojdt Assembly Hall.

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Knowing what we know now, if the university places no restrictions on fan attendance, will you sit in the stands to root on t he Hoosiers?

Go to Twitter to place your vote now, and please feel free to comment in the links below if you've got something to say besides your vote. There may be several different circumstances that come into play for people as to how they'll vote, so please share what's on your mind in the comments section.

Several sports have started back up again in the past few weeks, like NASCAR and the PGA Tour, but they are doing it with no fans at the events for now. Things could be different come September, so we'll have to wait to see.

The NCAA is looking for football to start on time in September. The Hoosiers' first game is Sept. 4 at Wisconsin and their first home game is Saturday, Sept. 12. Indiana's first basketball game will be the first week in November.