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Former NFL Coach Jim Mora Breaks Down Jamar Johnson's NFL Draft Stock

Former NFL coach Jim Mora sat down for a conversation about Indiana safety Jamar Johnson and his draft stock heading into next month's 2021 NFL Draft.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Jamar Johnson is one of three Hoosiers to receive an invite to the NFL Combine ahead of the NFL Draft on April 29-May 1.

Johnson played three years with Indiana, having solid back-to-back seasons in 2019 and 2020. In 406 coverage snaps at Indiana, Johnson was targeted 44 times, allowed zero touchdowns and came up with seven interceptions.

The Hoosier safety has been training in Phoenix ahead of Indiana's Pro Day on April 2.

Ahead of his pro day, former NFL coach Jim Mora sat down for a conversation about Johnson and his draft stock heading into next month's 2021 NFL Draft.

"I think he has the traits NFL teams are looking for in a safety," Mora said. "He's had an extremely productive career. He's got great got instincts. He has a general idea of what's going on around him. Great vision, great eyes. He's a guy that shows very high football IQ, and that's really important at the next level because everybody is trying to confuse you." 

While at Indiana, Johnson played the Husky position and safety, and he thinks that will give him an advantage going into the draft because not many other guys in his position group have done that.

"I like his range," Mora said. "His coverage ability, his position versatility, he's kind of a hybrid guy and people value that."

His game isn't flawless, though, as Mora sees some areas where he can really improve.

"His top-end speed is a question. His ability to tackle consistently is question," Mora said. "But I haven't seen a failure to engage by him. I haven't seen him turn things down. I haven't seen a lack of willingness to put his body on people."

As for his speed, Johnson said he believes he can surprise people with his 40-yard dash at his pro day this upcoming Friday.

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"They expect me to run, I think, a 4.6 or whatever," Johnson said. "I'm definitely going to be running lower than that."

Johnson is currently ranked as the 14th best free safety heading into the NFL Draft, according to Sports Illustrated's NFL Draft Bible.

But Pro Football Focus has been really impressed by Johnson's game, ranking him as the second-best safety in the draft.

About two months ago, most projections had Johnson projected to be picked in the final round of the NFL Draft, but lately, his stock has increased and Johnson is now projected to be a top-100 pick in the draft.

One of Johnson's teammates, wide receiver Miles Marshall, who went up against Johnson in practice every day, said on Tuesday that he thinks Johnson could be picked in the first round.

"He's very versatile. He can cover slot, he can cover outside, he can cover tight ends, he can tackle," Marshall said. "I haven't really checked all the draft stuff, but I'm pretty sure he's gonna go high in April."

Mora shares a similar opinion on Johnson, who he think has the tools to have a solid pro career.

"I think he's going to be a good NFL player. I think he'll probably be mid-round draft pick, maybe he's a third-rounder," Mora said. "I think he can be an eventual starter in the NFL, and I think he's going to have a good career."

*This is part of a four-part series analyzing every Indiana player heading into the 2021 NFL Draft.

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