Louisville coaching staff earns trust with open communication


There might be uncertainty the surrounding the 2020 college football season, but there isn’t ambiguity between Louisville football’s coaching staff and its players.

Offensive coordinator Dwayne Ledford says the coaching staff is transparent with its players, earning trust by actively communicating.

“Football is an extremely hard game, we ask these men to do something that is hard,” Ledford said. “In order to get them to do that, they have to trust you. They have to know that you care for them and that you love them.”

When head coach Scott Satterfield and his coaching staff arrived at Louisville, they wanted to establish open communication with their players. Ledford says the coaching staff doesn’t withhold information.

Trust is built with honesty and transparency at the forefront.

“For me with a player, you are going to know where you are on a depth chart with me from day one and what I am looking for,” Ledford said. “I don’t want to wait a month down the road and then let you know.”

The coaching staff has focused on keeping players driven during an offseason filled with uncertainty.

Ledford encourages players to concentrate on things they can control, like protocols set in place by the University of Louisville and the work being done to prepare for the season.

“If you are reading negative stuff, you are going to start feeling that way,” Ledford said. “As coaches we are trying to keep the guys focused on the forward, ready season.”

The flow of communication goes both ways.

Coaches and players have discussions on a variety of issues. Ledford, Satterfield and the entire coaching staff encourage student athletes to use their platform in positive ways to express their opinions.

“With the way social media is today, their voice is louder than it has ever been,” Ledford said. “It’s great for the kids, this game is for players.”

Members of the team participated in the #WeWantToPlay movement on social media Sunday night.