Top JuCo Target Includes Maryland in Top Seven


Lackawanna (PA) cornerback De’Jahn Warren announced his top seven on Sunday evening as Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Maryland, Oklahoma, Penn State and Tennessee made the cut.

Warren has yet to venture to many of his suitors but was able to make his way to Happy Valley over the winter to give Penn State a strong look. The juco product has a tentative official visit set for Penn State on September 26, while he has plans to see Oklahoma on November 20 followed by Tennessee and Georgia the first two weekends of Georgia.

Maryland has ramped up their pursuit as he has gotten a chance to bond more with new cornerbacks coach Henry Baker since his hire.

“I’ve spoken to him a couple times, building our relationship and getting to know each other better. First impression was good, we’re still kind of new to each other so right now, just getting to know each other more.” the top target told All Terrapins last month. ““At the end of the day, Maryland is home so I can always come home whether it’s official or unofficial. It’s not a hassle at all. I try and save my officials that are tougher to get to. It does make it easier because now I have someone that coaches the position. I do have a relationship with coach Locksley and coach Evans. The relationship is still there, I just have to build it with the (defensive backs) coach.”

Warren is in no rush to make a commitment as schools chase arguably the nation’s top juco prospect as he preps for what’s expected to be now a spring season, pending an announcement from the NJCAA.

“Schools don’t smother me anymore, I can say that. They do a good job of giving me space and still conversing.” 

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No. 1-2

Why are we chasing him again? He's clearly chasing clout and offers since he didn't get the chance when he came out of high school


How do you feel about this one at this point Ahmed?