Myslinski Takes in Duke, Maryland as he Eyes Next Round of Visits


Bishop Kenny (FL) center Michael Myslinski has taken control of his recruiting cycle as he and his family make their way to his top suitors to help speed up the decision process. After taking visits to Florida State and Texas, Myslinski took in a pair of key campus tours last weekend as he and the family flew into Maryland on Friday and drove to Duke on Saturday evening.

“It was awesome. The facilities, I obviously didn’t go into but from the outside it looks awesome,” Myslinski told All Terrapins. “My major, kinesiology, is going to be right near the facilities and everything is going to be close for me, so that’s awesome. I just had a really good feel for the campus and that goes for both schools.”

The 6-foot-2, 285-pound lineman has been a top target for Maryland this cycle as the personal connection to linebackers coach George Helow has built a strong rapport between them. After hearing what the staff had to say throughout the cycle, the only thing left for Myslinski was to see campus himself.

“Tons of construction going on, so I think that’s great news. Some people said don’t let it scare you and it’s not scaring me at all. I think that’s great, that means business is booming and they’re upgrading everything and that’s all that matters. Everything is going good there and it’s building up.” Helow leaned on Facetime to make Myslinski’s visit as close to an unofficial as possible.

“I went by each place and he explained this is the library, the gym and he would tell me this building was built however long, this is where the communication building is, so that’s kind of how it went down.”

After spending “close to all day” at Maryland, Myslinski made the drive down to Durham as the Blue Devils have been consistent during the process. Just like Maryland, the self-guided tour gave the coveted prospect a firm feel for Duke's campus as he holds the staff in high regard. “They’ve always been consistent with me. (Head) coach [David] Cutliffe, coach Frey and they’ve done great things with the players there. He’s a great coach and an even better person.”

The pair of visits helped Myslinski get a more firm understanding of his suitors as he makes the most of the self-guided tours even without coaches. “Most definitely, I wanted to see where my major would be, where the apartments are compared to the facilities. Just wanted to see where everything was, see whether I can see myself on this campus.”

Next up for him will be trips to Iowa, Michigan State and Missouri beginning July 9 through 13. After that will come decision time.

“That’s what I’m aiming for, late July. Could change, who knows, but that’s what I’m aiming for.”

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Relationships are key and that helps Maryland. They’ve laid out the red carpet for him the entire process


All good schools academically if he cares about that. Some have football programs that are way superior than MD, though