Stellar, Standard & Subpar: Sammy Faustin In 2020


We continue our series as we look at each potential contributor on Michigan's roster in numerical order and look at what would be a stellar, standard and subpar season in 2020.

We're on to No. 17, redshirt sophomore defensive back Sammy Faustin.

At 6-2, 195 pounds, Faustin has great size for a safety and can really run too. He hasn't played much during his two years at U-M but did manage to see the field in nine games last year on special teams and as a reserve safety. 

In that limited action he recorded just two tackles but proved that he's coming along and could be ready for more responsibility. The Florida native redshirted as a true freshman so making a bit of a splash in year three would be great for his confidence as he moves through his career.

What could year three look like for Faustin? That's the question...


A stellar season for Faustin would be solidifying himself as the No. 3 safety on the depth chart and playing in every game. He's already been passed by the younger Daxton Hill, who is a true sophomore, but Brad Hawkins will be gone in 2021, which could open the door for Faustin if he can step up in 2020.

If Faustin does climb to No. 3 behind Hill and Hawkins, he probably won't play much but could provide some depth and obviously would be in line for significant snaps if either starter were to get dinged up. Because of that, there aren't really any numbers to predict. Instead, it's more about how Faustin is used and if he's trotted onto the field in certain situations.


Because of the depth chart, I think a standard season looks a lot like last year for Faustin. Maybe he plays mostly special teams and in mop-up duty in eight or ten games and records a few stops. Essentially, he spends one more season buying his time before he can challenge for a starting spot in 2021 once Brad Hawkins is gone. 

Former five-star Daxton Hill is special and likely won't come off the field in 2020, and as a senior leader, Hawkins is very valuable in the back end of the defense as well. Faustin could give either guy a breather, or step in if one of them gets hurt, but 2020 looking like 2019 is kind of the expectation and a standard campaign for the third-year player.


A subpar season for Faustin would be a reduction in playing time and a clear slide on the depth chart. Michigan has a lot of young, talented safeties that we've never seen that could jump over Faustin during fall camp and throughout the season. Guys like German Green and Quinten Johnson, along with incoming freshmen Jordan Morant, RJ Moten and Makari Paige will all be pushing for backup roles. If we start to see any of them more than Faustin, that would be a bad development for him and would instantly put him on transfer watch.

My Thoughts

I actually think Faustin could end up having a stellar season per these breakdowns. That likely won't result in a ton of snaps or much production, but it's a positive trend for Faustin. 

It seems pretty realistic that he could end up being the top backup safety based on how things went last year and the make up of the current roster. Last year, German Green only played in one game and Quinten Johnson did not see game action as a true freshman. The only other safeties on the roster are incoming freshmen, giving Faustin the inside track to backup Hawkins and Hill.

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