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Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Hondo, this has nothing to do with the young man's character or him as a person. Am I wrong to think that I expected more out of Matt Costello on the hardwood as a third year player? I never envisaged him as a superstar. I thought he would be more active though with his production while on the court. By production, I don’t necessarily mean points, but also rebounds, defense, grit, toughness, etc. Thoughts? Dan from Chicago

Hi Dan, I don’t think you are wrong to have expected more from him at this point. He certainly would agree with those expectations. His career is far from over, but if I was a betting man, I would bet on Matt. We shall see.

In the last decade roughly, if State was in a tight game at the end or in OT, I felt we had it, usually confirmed with mistake free decision making, composure at the end. This year and last, I have yet to feel similarly confident. What is the difference? I am not ready to say it is Izzo. On court leadership? We have lost something... what do you say? Eric, stranded in the SEC territories...

I agree that this team is not like those in the past, and in many ways that is a good thing, but in others, it is not. ">That killer instinct that Izzo teams have become known for is not here. This is perhaps the best group of young people since Drew Neitzel’s junior year, but even that team (led by Drew) had a more profound killer instinct. It is concerning no doubt.

Hondo, I am sure Branden Dawson is a good person, but it would appear to me and many others that his game has gone backwards. Yes, I know the stats, but he is not better. Watching him miss layups and bunnies at the basket is painful. Paul Painter

I would agree that he is a good person and I agree that he has gone backwards. There is still time in the season, and frankly, much more important games for him to show improvement, but that time is running out.

Hondo, I am a big fan of Tum Tum and I know he gets a lot of crap about his shot, but people need to remember that he and Marvin are only freshmen. Vincent in Owosso

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Agree 100%. Unlike Duke, Kentucky, or Kansas, I do not have expectations (and never have outside of Neitzel, Lucas, and Harris) for freshmen. They will both be fine and both are top notch people and players. I love how teachable both men are and how both of them draw knowledge and coaching out of Izzo like a sponge. I know he is high on them both as well. We might not be getting all we could use now, but they will give Spartan Nation a lot when it is over in four years…well, three and a half now.

Hondo, you said that you expected nothing from Javon Bess until tournament time and said anything before that was candy. I’m liking the candy. Matt Sauder

Agree. He is a star and we won’t even really get a taste until March. His upside is monstrous.

Hondo, settle a dispute between my best friend Mykayla and me. I say Dawson is the best player on this team. She says Trice. Who is right? Brent

Neither. The best player is Eron Harris. You should hear Izzo and his team talk about him. They think he is as well. No sense dwelling in the can’t-have department, but he would have been amazing this year. Just think of him as a present next season as he sits out for transferring.

Hondo, right now the Spartans are 13-7 and 4-3 in the Big Ten. What is your best guess on how we finish? Katy Pierce

Hondo, if you had to look at the remaining MSU schedule and play Nostradamus, do you think we make the dance? Tim Curtain, Lyons, MI.

I would think 19-12 (10-8) Katy, and for Tim’s question, I certainly think they will make the dance.

There you go everyone. Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books. Make sure to send in your questions for next week. Simply email them to and put weekly Q and A Basketball in the subject line.