Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

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Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Hondo, you'll like this one. I'm substitute teaching a chemistry class in a San Juan Capistrano (CA) high school today. While I was calling roll I paused to take a sip of coffee from my Michigan State commuter cup. Guess the class noticed the logo because it broke out in spontaneous applause (it was the morning after we beat Kentucky). If anybody tells you Izzo hasn't built a brand that has reached the west coast, I'm one teacher that will take exception. Rick Sikorski

Agree. He has touched the world with the MSU brand. I was in Russia and saw a man wearing a MSU coat. I tried to talk to him assuming he could speak English. He could not, but when I pointed to his coat he said, “MAAATEEEEEN Cleaves. Tom IZZZZZZZZo. MAAAAGIC.” You get the point.

Hondo, unfortunately, Izzo has struck out on his main 2014 recruits. Are there some other players he is looking at?  David Reusser

MSU will look, but they won’t take a reach. With the 2015 class going to be EPIC with depth and talent around the nation, if they can’t get a solid player they will bank and bet on that. Certainly NOT over for 2014, but certainly not certain he takes another player.

Hey Hondo, I love your coverage of MSU, keep it up! Please forgive my ignorance, but I am really confused about NCAA rules. I thought there was a graduation rate standard the schools were held to. My question is how does Kentucky get around that bringing in basically whole new teams every year? Thanks, Joe Leimback

When a player leaves, he MUST be academically UP to where he left. If he left after one year then he must have a year of credits to match.

Hondo, I was intrigued listening to the radio show and you mentioned Payne on the block as your biggest concern. I was even more shocked that Travis Walton agreed. I was late so I didn’t catch why you both felt that way. I love having your show on in the UP. Brian in Iron Mountain #TeamIzzo

MSU needs more of a presence on the block. Payne offers that. I understand that he has an outside game, but MSU needs a block presence badly. Izzo agreed with me when we talked this week that it is a concern, but not yet something to panic about.

Hondo, you talk about Payne’s shot and being up and down. Sorry, but I don’t understand that.�� Can you please elaborate? Keith

Sure. When AP has his body straight up and down on a jump shot his release is better and his eye level assessing the shot. He rarely misses when his body is vertical. Watch it the next time he takes a jumper.

Hondo, I have really enjoyed your comments about Keith Appling and how far he has matured and came. Thanks for being someone I can rely on to tell the good stuff as well. Matt in Ludington

Thanks Matt. How is the deer hunting up in that amazing part of our world? I love Ludington. I have never seen one athlete come to MSU and grow into a man like he has. He came in a kid and has become a fine young man. I really like him and enjoy his company.

Hondo, I was in Chicago to watch MSU vs. Kentucky. I have always loved listening to Jay Bilas on your radio show. I noticed him come over and talk with you. The conversation looked pretty deep. Care to share what you talked about? Cathy


Dear Hondo, I couldn’t have been more pleased with any radio show I have ever heard than I was on Tuesday night. I thought you, Mr. Poizey, and Brian Calloway from the State Journal were wonderful. I wanted to thank you for speaking up about the empty seats. You were spot on. My family was on displaced and after many many years won’t go back. Larry

Thanks Larry. Brian Posey and Brian Calloway make me look smarter than I am. I understand that the athletic department has to fight for every dime. Reseating was necessary, but when you move those seats to corporate accounts, you are going to have that and like I said, I talked to some of the people who had empty seats. They told me, “I keep them until the last second for clients. I give enough that I am not donating them. Sorry if MSU doesn’t like it, but they certainly cash my checks.” I don’t blame Izzo for being mad. I don’t blame Hollis for cashing checks and I don’t blame the corporate people if they go unused. I don’t like the situation, but I am a realist.

Hondo, I have real issues with the MSU ticket department. I went to the website to buy six tickets for my family to go to the Portland game. It wouldn’t sell me six. Four or less. We didn’t go. Screw them. The MSU ticket office is as poorly run as Obamacare. Don’t complain about empty seats when the reason six from my family weren’t there was their fault. We were going to purchase six of those empty seats, they didn’t want to sell them. Max

I have heard from MANY who agree with you that the MSU ticket office is poorly run.

Hondo, I don’t know how you can answer me, but here is a try. I am a season ticket holder for football and basketball. So MSU is terrified they are going to have a crap crowd against Minnesota on the last football game of the year.  They sent out an email offering tickets for $25. What really bugs me is that I have seen this done with MSU before. Why buy season tickets? If they don’t sell them, they practically give them away. They have done it with more than football and I just don’t comprehend it. I am a business man and Hollis is a business man and undercutting your long standing customer is dumb business. I can tell you that I am strongly considering dropping my season tickets, using The Ticket Machine for the games I want and I know that my wife and I would SAVE money considering what we paid this year and what we could have paid. It appears to me that the MSU ticket office is lacking on the business side. Do you agree? Gary

I agree that the MSU ticket office has issues. I know that people have stepped forward to advise who are experts and those efforts have been rebuffed. It is my personal opinion that some in those offices forget that they work for the people of the state of Michigan and NOT for themselves.

Hondo, I am so frustrated with this basketball team. Are you kidding me? How bad can a #1 team look? This is pathetic. Carl

Go ask Kentucky, who the entire ESPN world worships, how bad MSU is. Go ask UNC and Michigan what it was like to lose. My point is simple. It used to be people had convulsions when Izzo teams lost early. Now they are angry when they win early by less than 50. I have said it for years and stand by it: You judge Izzo in March. Period. I think some MSU fans aren’t happy unless they are miserable.  It’s fair to point out weaknesses and things that need to improve, but to call them pathetic suggests you need to get a life and step away from the computer. This team isn’t close to perfect, but far from pathetic.

Hondo, Enjoyed listening to Tuesdays radio show. There are two things I think that need to be realized about Mondays attendance. First, thousands and thousands of people still had no power. Also, my nephew is a student and he told me that there is a class that scheduled an exam at 7:30 that night, and that class has 'well over a thousand students.' I think those two things contributed. David Herc

Thank you for the email. Although I would agree that both of those circumstances contributed to the poor attendance, I do not believe either had a major impact. Here is why. The previous game without said exam or bad weather was nearly the same and when you look at the MSU site that sells tickets, it reflects many of those open upper level seats still available for sale for coming games.

There you go everyone. Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books. Make sure to send in your questions for next week. Simply email them to and put weekly Q and ABasketball in the subject line.