Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

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Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Hondo, the other day at Illinois, they got a tech. foul. We shot two, but didn't get the ball. Rule change? Thanks, Ed Buysse

Hi Ed. Great question. When a technical occurs the ball returns to the point of interruption. You may remember that the same thing happened against Indiana. IU player scored and was fouled. He got a technical for taunting. MSU took the shots and then IU went to the line. That particular part of a technical is ruled point of interruption.

Hondo, it may be too early, but it's clear that Keith Appling is going to go down as one of the all-time great Spartan point guards. Understanding that all this changes if we win the national title, where do you place him in the pantheon with Johnson, Skiles, Cleaves et al? Tom Oren

Johnson will never be passed and to even get close to Cleaves will be tough. They are at a level of prominence that to put it in simple terms: The Golden Goose. First off, both won national titles, and if Keith does not do that he won’t touch either of those players’ legacies. Plus Mateen was not only a national title winner, but he bought in when Izzo was rebuilding. A national title for Keith would make him #3, but the jury is out with less than that where he ends up. Fun question.

Hondo, I don’t know who you are rebuking Derrick Nix on Twitter for his comments on Dawson. Dawson is a selfish idiot and he needed a great player who had passion to call him out. I hope you rot in hell and die. Carl

As a close personal friend of Derrick’s, I stand by what I said.

Hondo, your Tweet to Derrick Nix was the dumbest thing you have ever done. I know for a fact when Izzo finds out it will be the last straw for you. Tony

He found out yesterday when I did it at practice and he told me, “Good! Thank you,” in front of the other media. As did multiple others at MSU practice. Next time skip the people supplying the facts and go downtown and stay at a Holiday Inn Express. 

Dear Hondo, I was heartbroken to watch Branden’s mom last night trying to defend her son from people trying to beat him when he was down. I am a mother and I couldn’t even begin to imagine the pain from that. God bless her. Thank you for defending her son. Beth

I have slammed my fist on a table more than once frustrated...once in the last week. Branden’s injury is unfortunate, but struggling with your shooting and an unfortunate accident do not make someone a bad person or a character liability.

Hi Hondo, Can you tell us how the recruiting works for Spartan Basketball? Is there a Curtis Blackwell counterpart working for Tom Izzo or does the entire coaching staff split the recruiting duties? Steve Merkel

Yes, they do assign things out to the assistants, but the biggest thing that Izzo does is to be so heavily involved in the process. Certainly, assistants all have a role, but unlike most schools Izzo is right in the middle.

Any word on Izzo getting some better recruits? I'm sick of watching Duke and UK getting all the top players. J Butler

Lourawls TUM TUM Narin is a stud and Bess is a great blue collar Izzo type throw back. I like both of them. He certainly has missed on some guys to those schools, but the sky is not falling. 2015 is going to be a major year in this program.

Hondo, why are Izzo and you acting like it is a secret Payne is playing? He said on his Facebook that he is? Let the kid loose. Peter

That is NOT his Facebook and Adreian made that CLEAR yesterday. Izzo has a message for you: CLICK HERE.

There you go everyone. Another week of your MSU Basketball Q and A in the books. Make sure to send in your questions for next week. Simply email them to and put weekly Q and ABasketball in the subject line.