Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

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Answering your Michigan State Basketball Questions…

Hondo, I read that Michigan State didn’t take an international tour this summer because of Branden Dawson’s injury. Any idea who they would have played or where they would have gone? Kurt

Kurt, according to people inside MSU athletics who have direct knowledge, the injury to B.J. had NOTHING to do with them not taking a trip. It has been talked about for the past two off seasons, but has never been close or viable up to now. Not saying that it won’t be in the future, but it isn’t or hasn’t been in the last two years.

Hondo, do you have any updates from open gym or the off season workouts? Ray

Denzel Valentine is absolutely killing it. One person who has been there at almost every session told me about Valentine, “He looks like a starter right now. He is a star.” Matt Costello has also been a beast in open gym, and think about this Ray, Gary Harris isn’t even on campus yet. All I have to say is that this class is going to put some returners on high alert for playing time. Should be fun to watch.

Hondo, you said that you felt MSU was the team to beat for Cliff Alexander a year ago. He has since made that pretty clear. I am hoping you have changed your opinion on Jabari Parker. Mark

I haven’t Mark. I have maintained for over a year that MSU is the team to beat for Alexander UNLESS UK gets involved. If the Cats come calling I think MSU is out for Cliff.  I haven’t changed or wavered. I still say that I don’t think Parker comes to MSU. Let’s hope I am wrong, but I highly doubt that. I think I do a good job of letting people know when I am stating fact or opinion and this is opinion.

Hondo, do you have any update on how Derrick Nix is doing with his weight? Spencer

He looks amazing.  In fact, I have covered Derrick since he was in high school and at no time have I seen him look better. I am so proud of Derrick. I know a lot of people had a lot of things to say about Derrick with his legal issues. He earned that by breaking the law, but I will say this one thing about his character, if he was not a student athlete and I needed a babysitter for my son Duffy, I would hire him in a heartbeat. I know the young man and refuse to let a mistake of a young man define him. He is a great kid and will blow up the Big Ten this year. He is the best center on the Spartan team, no doubt.

Hondo, you have written a lot and talked a lot this off season about Travis Trice and his need to lead the team this next year. Do you think he knows that he has to be the leader this year? Nancy

He is well aware and is taking that lead this off season. Trice is a super young man both as a player and character wise. He has been made keenly aware of what he needs to do for the Spartans to have the kind of year that the Spartan Nation deems successful.

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