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Matt Costello 2015.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard

Matt Costello 2015. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard

Hondo, I was at the Rutgers game and happened to glance up into the rafters. And I wondered which Spartan player would next have his jersey retired. My prediction is either Draymond Green or Charlie Bell. What are your thoughts? Do you think I am right or do you have another player in mind? John Zittel Clarkston, MI

I think that the next one to get retired will be Draymond and I will be shocked if it isn’t done in the next two years based on his schedule. With that said, I asked Joe Rexrode from the Free Press, Matt “Big Sexy” Charboneau from the Detroit News, and Kyle Austin of MLive the same question. All three said Draymond. Rexrode said he agrees with my timeline of within the next two years.

Hondo, you said that Josh Jackson was coming to MSU. Still feel that way? Don Spencer

I didn’t say he WAS coming. I said I expect him to come. I still do. I will be surprised if he isn’t a Spartan.

Hondo, I am a Spartan fan who lives in Kentucky. I love watching Tyler Ulis play. Smart, tough, determined. In your opinion, if Izzo would not hedged his bets on Tyus Jones, would Ulis be a Spartan? Thanks, Pete Morgan

Yes, but it all worked out well for everyone.

Hondo, you have been saying for the last two and a half seasons that the type of young men Izzo is coaching are rejuvenating him. I can now see it. Thanks for the positive reporting and it is great to see. Do you really think it has added years to his coaching? Tim Brody

Without a doubt I do. With that said, I still think he leaves MSU after he gets a title, UNLESS that comes this year. With his best recruiting class on the way next season I do not think he would walk from that.

Hondo, I am thrilled to see what Matt Costello is doing this season. Why do you think it took him so long to get here? Jay Clark

I have no idea what you are talking about. He has gotten progressively better every year. That is like asking a high school graduate why they didn’t do calculus as a freshman. It is called maturing and growing. Today’s right now society has missed that.

Hey Hondo, I am a big fan and I live in Indiana. I loved hearing you on the radio mentioning how Caleb Swanigan picked Purdue and Goins got his scholarship and outplayed him down here. You weren’t disrespectful, but it sure got people angry this way. Good job.

Kenny Goins got a scholarship because Swanigan didn’t come to MSU. I didn’t hate on Swanigan, just stating the truth that it worked out all right for all.

Hondo, if you were game planning against MSU what would you do? You are close to it every day. Evan Hamlett

I always take the Bill Belichick approach and simply put it is take what a team does best and take it away. That means I would do anything I could to make someone not named Denzel Valentine beat me. Unfortunately, this team is so loaded they can. They are a tough out.

Hondo, do you think Matt Costello has a shot at the NBA? Shawn Clay

Yes I do. So does Tom Crean, the Indiana head coach, who said after his Hoosiers lost to MSU, “Costello is playing himself into the NBA.”

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