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News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 1/23/10 Edition

News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 11/23/10 Edition

Will the Spartans struggle with slow starts and lack of killer instinct impact today's game with Minnesota?  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

Will the Spartans struggle with slow starts and lack of killer instinct impact today's game with Minnesota? Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

  • Today’s Spartan game here in Minneapolis is potentially a big one. Izzo constantly harps on each team leaving a footprint. In 1977-78 the Spartans started the Big Ten season at 7-0. The Spartans currently sit at 6-0 in the league. The bigger game with a win would be the next one. A true footprint would be to beat the old one. Anyone have an idea where the next game is at?
  • Minnesota is favored in Vegas by 3. Phil Steele, my good buddy and the premier college football prognosticator told me something once. He said that when Vegas sets the odds, (Not how he does it) they do it to get people to bet. The Spartans could very well lose today. I don’t see Minny being a true +3 in this game. Do they have a shot at a win? No doubt. Favored? Nope.
  • The Spartans as of the writing of this (Sat. AM) have a two game lead over Wisconsin and Illinois in the Big Ten title race.
  • Am I the only one in the midst of the logo meltdown that trusts Mark Hollis? I don’t think they should change it. I am a traditionalist. With that said I have nothing, but faith in Hollis. He has earned the right for people to hear what he has to say in April before a meltdown. Maybe I am bias because Hollis is my friend, but let me say this. I know a lot of people that love MSU and a great Spartans. NONE of them and I mean NONE of them love MSU more than Hollis. He has my trust and other than saying I am not a fan of making a change, I will remain silent and give him the chance to speak first. If anyone at MSU has earned that it is him.
  • I am most interested in seeing two players today in Minnesota. Korie Lucious and Raymar Morgan. This game will not be easy. It is winnable. I want to see what Lucious does in particular and Morgan as a captain. I think Lucious is one of the most underrated players on this team and Morgan is always the X factor.
  • Since I can tell that you are already wondering if the Spartans win today, who would they play for the record eighth win to start the Big Ten season? On Tuesday at UM. I predicted early on that I expect the Spartans to struggle there. If the adage is true that sports is a male soap opera then that quickly raises the plot content.
  • On a side not that maybe only I care about, I love Williams Arena (The Barn) here in Minneapolis. By far, including the Breslin it is my favorite place to watch a college basketball game. It doesn’t have all the amenities and toys, but for atmosphere it can’t be beat. If Tubby stays at Minnesota (and there are rumblings that he would leave) he can build something great here. He is a super coach and person and with The Barn, this could be special.
  • Lastly, I know this is the Basketball News and Notes, but I want to pimp a very special football news and notes on Monday. We will have some good information for you, so check it first thing when you get up. See you after the game.

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